Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tell me... x

Tell me
When you look at me
Exactly what you see

Then close your eyes
and learn to trust
Allow your heart to know it’s safe
Believe it’s safe
With us
With me
Close your eyes and allow your senses
If you stumble I will hold you
Caress love and adore you
You can never lose you
For within you I am found

My brown skin and brown eyes
Soft to touch and ocean deep
Remind you of all you are...
To all you ever want to be
Salut to you
As you are free
And I am free
Yet together is a choice we make to be

So kiss me tenderly
Embrace me
As there’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than on this road
With an ode to joy
One that burns so resolutely
As if carved on stone
Hurled down from mount Sinai

Talk to me
Trust me
Open you heart and acknowledge me
The feeling that you feel
That cannot be removed or replaced
That has now become a part of you
Is me
Within you

Hold my hand and walk with me
As you absorb the whole of me
Every inch in its entirety
To know that you are as one with me
Is truly as it’s meant to be
My heart beats with love for thee
Blood flows producing energy
For a life of joy
For a girl and a boy

Tell me
When you look at me
Exactly what you see

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