Saturday, 18 February 2012

Marrying for money pt 2.. clearer waters...

I gave it some more thought...
Quite often when people say that... maybe what they really mean is security... maybe it's not really the money, but the security, or safety it may award them.

I thought about other cultures, and the need to honour a dowry or bride price and again..it implies, or is about...securing a family, or family wealth, or tribe...

It sounds shallow when some people say it as it makes me think.. hey... they just want a man or woman for 'stuff'but.. it's possible that they hide behind that to divert attention away from their true need... to feel loved.. to feel safe.. to feel 'taken care of'

Maybe there's hope after all.....


  1. Look at it this way, you can do bad all by yourself.

  2. I married my first wife because she 'ate fruit' - no one did that where I came from (Maybe married her because of it is a bit strong - but it certainly made me pay her more attention).

    Second wife I married because she had a garlic press - I thought garlic was something you sprinkled out of a container, therefore she was 'sophisticated'.

    Eventually I got the idea that maybe loving someone was the best way to go - and so I find myself happily hitched today :)

    (There appears to be a problem with Blogger this morning and I have no idea if this comment went through first time).