Sunday, 26 February 2012

A 'Yellow' Sunday...

There are times when I'm drawn to certain colours over others. Sometimes it reflects my mood .. other times it's aim is to possibly to tease out a mood. I think perhaps, more often than not, it's subconscious.
Perhaps one reason why women seem to desire more clothes than men has much to do with a spiritual need, whether women realise it or not... hey..maybe we really do need to just get 'loads of stuff'.. clothes and shoes to fill our wardrobes.. maybe it's an expression of our 'god-self' manifested
Don't get me wrong it's possible it's pure vanity and greed also.. I guess it really depends on the woman.. and her 'head space'

I came across this webpage and found it quite informative.

It also associates a Chakra to each colours..
I'm feeling the colour yellow today


  1. yellow is my youngest sons favorite colour... its a very happy colour, in my opinion.

    we spell colour with a U in it here... and spell check keeps underlining it in red lol... i guess im having a red sunday!

  2. I've always like the colour yellow Michelle.. i've only recently realised it lifts my mood.. seeing it.. wearing it.. :)
    Hope you've had a nice Sunday