Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The things you say.. or write.. matter

I was thinking this morning about why (I think) what we say or write matters. Why I think words are important.
It saddens me when people take words for granted.
For example; I can’t understand why people don’t want to say 'I love you' to a partner, or express feelings of love.. Opting instead to freely express anger or disappointment... yet still expect that relationship to flourish. If one feels love, then one should say so... not to... is selfish...

It's a shame that words are sometimes used as a means to an end, or simply to mask truth.
Words matter to me because before any word is uttered, or written, it began with a simple thought.
A thought, is word, in its purest form.
Now I know some people say things they don’t mean, and use words to lie or deceive, and you could rightly ask where is the purity in that?..
Well... I think that’s more to do with intent.
The word itself is the word.
The corruption was the intent
I don’t know of many other things that have suffered more abuse and exploitation... than words ( i’ll leave the suffering ‘black’ people out of this post...today...although....)
Quite literally, in many places across the world, words( written and spoken) are used to control, manipulate, exploit, harm, and kill
Yet, words can embrace, heal, teach, inspire, motivate, educate, unite, comfort, and lead a person or persons, to greatness, and unimaginable love.

Words matter to me.

Shit you all know by now everything matters to me... (everything and nothing)
The things that are said to me... often stay with me. Good and bad.
I’m learning to filter, which is necessary, but I won’t pretend they don’t impact.
A word can build me up... yet equally crush me...all be it temporarily... but such is the power they have
Yet perhaps... the real power..the reason they resonate... is the thought

It matters what we think
What we really think

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