Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A spiritual Dawn...

I was told yesterday that I'm at a great period in my life.
That things will unfold and present themselves to me with effortless ease if I only trust

I was told that my age...43, (but anything 40’s really) is a significant time spiritually, as your 40’s is the time of spiritual growth and self determination.
I don’t think that’s why they say 'life begins at 40' but I’m sure there’s a link there somewhere.
I was speaking to a very lovely woman, who owns a very lovely shop... around my way.
She also told me 'a soul must find its counterpart to reach its totality... its completeness'... said it’s more ‘important... or is at least a 'stronger force' for women. (seems true... as men often don’t seem as fussed or at least don’t talk about it in the same way)

Truth is... it is an interesting time that’s for sure. My moods are up and down like a yo yo, what with the conflicting messages and emotions that often come my way.
Still...I was reminded yesterday that just because you feel someone else’s pain, confusion or anger... doesn’t mean you have to wear it.
I appreciated that
I felt she understood me. She was very kind and very wise... ‘old skl spiritual’ wise

She had spent years developing her spiritual understanding and it was evident, in her manner, and her speech.
She reminded me not to worry about 'money'( not that I even mentioned it)... that it holds no real value, and to never allow a perceived ‘lack’ of it, prevent you from doing what you want.. Do it... it will all be made possible for you.

Head or heart..

The lady in the shop said you should always follow your heart, and that if i want clarity on anything... ask the universe.. the best time of day for a girl called Dawna?... at 'Dawn'

Well.. i've been up a while just me and Dawn... still no clearer?.. okay... heart it is
Good morning world x
Have a nice day


  1. resonates very strongly, a really positive read

    I'm encountering a spiritual energy I've never known, perhaps always been there but I've never understood how to tap into it. now I'm feel stronger in facing the old me, embracing who I am, not afraid (or reluctant) to change negative aspects of my psyche

    indeed an age thing (older and wiser?), and as you've experienced, it's also getting the right spiritual guidance to help one open the right doors to one's inner self. some people are gifted to guide others in this way. I met such a lady two years ago but was spiritually immature/confused to understand what was shown to me. Your post (and my recent thoughts) has emboldened me to seek the lady again and ask questions

    stay blessed

  2. I've been very fortunate Chrome to have had a 'ray of light' enter my life, and ever since then it has been a real awakening/renewal of things i'd allowed to stay dormant, and new insight into things unseen.
    I am thankful to that person and they gift they share

    I have since met people like that lady, who strengthen my belief that I am on the right path.. Those 'negative aspects' I too do battle with.. but i do not fear them.. I recognise them as an 'aspect' of me... but not me

    I'm not there yet... but i'll get there
    May you continue to seek, find and stay blessed also :).. Gods-son I wondered where you were...