Friday, 10 February 2012

Not afraid to die..

Whether we know it or not our bodies begin preparing for it the moment we are born...
Our minds however lag way behind.

It’s understandable. We become attached to things or people and never want to let them go
(A very over simplified analysis of the fear and resistance of death)
Apparently there are 5 stages of grief... (Remember... when you’re dead you don’t have to worry about all that.. so who gives?)
Now I’m not being funny but I’ve been through those stages many times in my life and it did not involve any actually deaths...
I think they can be renamed the 5 stages of life and be plausible..
In fact... when faced with the death of my father I experienced an eerie calm... and detachment
Shit... I must be an absolute 'unfeeling' nutter under here!!

I remember when I was younger..I thought I would die at 26. Then that shifted to 32.
I was wrong both times ... so I no longer try and predict...
In fact... I would like to go on for awhile yet... but I don’t fear death
Not knowing how is another matter... and can freak one out a bit but hey...
Death and taxes and all that... well..ahem... Unless you’re very rich and have ‘friends in high places perhaps...
Still .. the road to hell... :-)x


  1. I mused on the nature of death a few weeks back - can death lead to a new role in life?

    for weeks after my granddad died I developed this obsession with death so much so my mum almost took me to a native doctor, something about his spirit calling out or troubling me. I was really close to him and couldn't accept he'd passed on. a few near experiences sort of fixed my perspective of it

  2. I swear I'm gonna die every single year. Today is my 47th birthday and I would have sworn I would have taken a dirt nap years ago.

  3. Happy Birthday Reggie!!and may you enjoy many many many more...hope you've had a lovely day so far:))x

  4. I hear you Chrome... When you're that close to someone it's as if they're still with you in many ways.. I like your mum :)..

  5. After reading this post I shall continue to misbehave everyday if the opportunity presents itself....so far so good wont sweat the small stuff!