Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just what is this 'everything' we hear about?....

What is this ‘everything’ people sometimes speak of?.
I wonder of the true meaning behind the phrase ’they have it all’
I ask because I’m not sure, yet I do have my suspicions.

Why else do I ask?... Well because I’ve had people say to me... whenever the subject arises... 'what have you got to worry about?'. This may then proceed to... ‘What have you got to be unhappy about?... the perception being... come on... you have it 'all'... surely you must be happy 24/7!?!
( it's all relative and the level of 'what have you' etc ( feel free to fill in the blanks)....will depend on who i'm speaking to at the time I guess)

Whenever the conversation has headed that way I’ve tended to diffuse it... redirect the conversation completely, yet inside felt quite hurt.
Imagine if I really did ‘have it all’
How isolated would I be?
No one would perhaps give my concerns or feelings the time of day possibly, and the lure of a drug induced haze may prove an irresitable cocktale. ( for those seeking a way out.. or to dull the pain)
It has for many... often to their detriment
...this can be true of those with very little, but an appearance of 'joy'...put in place to appease the masses, and get the 'monkey' off their back... the 'monkey' being... those who ask question like that without care or thought.
So what is this everything we hear about?
This ‘everything’ which renders its hosts immune to human frailty.
Is it money?
House? check... car/s?.. check... regular holidays?.. check.. Investments? check... partner.?.. check...
So when we come across a person who has these outward success indicators, do they then begin to become ‘invisible' to us... do we fail to see them as people... banish them to a place where they are no longer allowed to feel?
Truth is you can have 'everything' and yet have nothing
I suspect that even a mansion could feel a little like a prison if you have no one to share it with... especially if what ails you is the desire for spiritual fulfilment... little else will suffice

'Having it all' may be possible... but it may look very different to the idealised image presented in society

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