Friday, 17 February 2012

Hello??.. is anybody there?... okay.. Dawna time...

I'm not sure what Dawna's feeling right now ( liar liar pants on fire!!)
I always know..
I was told that when you begin to speak of yourself in the third person it's a sign of something... something weird :)
Well.. let's see shall we..

Dawna's fed up and about to go to bed.
The Dawna that's fed up is the sweet Dawna, the one that feels she has every right to be treated like a princess and cannot abide rudeness
the Dawna that's keeping that Dawna calm is the more rational Dawna.. who kinda says.. f*** it... no big deal... don't sweat the small stuff girl..
Yet... there's the other Dawna who's acutely aware that the small stuff tends to become big stuff
Oh yes.. it can
Anyone keeping up with this?
You know it's all me right?...
Shit... it's Friday... I should be making use of that god damn dress..instead of talking about myself in the god damn third person..

Right now.. I may just watch a movie, and, like I said ... get to bed
unless I get a better offer
good nightx
sleep tight.... don't let the angels kick your ass.. ( i don't care that it doesn't rhyme...)x


  1. Chrome once watched Jennifer Lopez give an interview in the third person. His slow brain cells didn't twig she was talking about herself till the interview was almost over.

    yes, does feel a bit weird .. some sort of abstraction of self?

    and a good night to you too x

  2. I speak of myself in the third person constantly, I just love me some Reggie.