Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Do as I say not as I do...

Is there any merit in that phrase?

We all know we’re not perfect but when we utter those words is it a cop out?
Is it a way of absolving ourselves of doing as we know we should with one lame excuse after another?
Even when we say ‘hey I’m not perfect’ isn’t that a bit of a copout also?.. for surely we state the obvious.. no?

Once we know enough to be able to inform another of a better or perhaps more productive positive or fruitful path...why then do we not take it ourselves?
Are we a bunch of ‘altruists’ who just live purely to see others happy whilst we stagnate in personal unhappiness?
I’m not sure, but somehow... I don’t think so
'Do as I say not as I do', I think I’ll file under another one of those ‘things that grate’
Surely the only genuine response to that is the title of Reggie’s latest post.

Why should anyone listen to us if we do not practice what we preach?
Would you take matchmaking advice from a 'lonely' (if they are) and miserable (if they are) singleton...? or... from someone who has successfully found a match...?
Would you take grooming tips from a self proclaimed ‘tramp’?.. or take anger management classes from a prolific wife beater?.. or give an active burglar/ well know ‘tea leaf’ a job as a key cutter?... you get my point I’m sure...

Yet still... on the fip side... as there’s always a flip side.. no?

Do we always need proof of something to know of its existence?
Can a wise man not be foolish and a foolish man wise?
By that I mean... many stumble and fall, but their experiences can teach many, so yeah... Maybe there is wisdom in that irksome overused phrase after all..


  1. There is merit. I've often thought about this but in 'differing contexts' from maybe the thought processes which motivated your post.

    A Banal one would be 'How can anyone who has never been a good footballer then go on to be a Manager who 'tells' some of the best players in the world how to play football?' - But some of the most mediocre players have become some of the greatest Managers.

    I've been divorced heaps of times - who am I to give anyone advice on Marriage? Well if I learned anything from the failures - then yes I could well be just the person to give good advice about it.

    Also Dawna - I try to remember that everything we perceive of anyone is a 'snapshot' - we catch them frozen in time and our opinions of them are based on the snapshot we took. People evolve, they change, they differ, some remain the same. We have to revisit that snapshot from time to time after taking another one and see what the differences are. They could be remarkable.


  2. "but dad I thought you said ..." :) we say it to our kids all the time. but when dealing with a fellow adult? I'm with Rory on this

  3. Yes.. having given it more thought, I agree with both of you.. experience teaches wisdom.. or can do!

    I had a particular thought in mind at the time.. and I was thinking that the integrity of the person was questionable at the very least... and why if you can't walk the walk.. just (talk the talk) should anyone take you seriously.. (I can be a bit judgemental I know..:)) still... If I needed advice on hmmm lets say marriage I have a feeling Rory would surely know a thing or to..

    The only other question for me is whether the person now takes their own advice.. if not.. why not?

    Still.. free will and all that

    So yes... there is merit.. so I wont be so hard on the person/s