Friday, 17 February 2012

Murky waters... that marrying for the money thing..

I’ve had some very interesting conversations of late, with people who have told me straight they would marry for the money (male and female) and that marrying for love is rare and mugs game... and I should basically wake up and smell the coffee.
Please tell me we have not allowed ourselves to stoop so freakin’ low.
Please tell me that it’s your personality, your qualities, your character and your goodness, your connection to another, and pure old fashion falling in love , that is still the gold standard.

One comment made was ...”I need a rich man with integrity!”.
I asked...”Would a rich man with integrity marry a woman he knew was only marrying him for his money?”
I got no answer..

I know that people marry for all kinds of reasons... but money comes and money goes... love will last forever.
I don’t see why people often see it as and either or affair anyway
Either you marry for love or you marry for money...why?
Why not love, and build on money if you haven’t got it... shit... it aint rocket science
Another comment was...” I’d like a rock star!”... (so I offered up)... “why not a gangster?”
Oh no!”... (and then came that integrity word again)
“Hey” I said... you may find that the gangster has a lot more integrity than the rock star”

I mentioned the fact that there is a website available for women who want to meet and marry millionaires...
“Oh no!...she said... No websites!!... (that told me!) “I want someone to introduce me”
“Errr okay... good luck with that!”
To hear men and women so cynical is unpleasant to my ears.
It’s murky and I don’t like it.
Get a grip people


  1. Dawna I know of people that have married for money but obviously it came down to am broke someone has offered me the chance of a quick couple of grands worth I'll do it......murky but true and yes unfortunately too much butter and the GRIP you mention has gone, only the fittest survive.

    I have a friend who categorically says she will not touch any man that does not earn above the 70 grand bracket. OK I told her good luck, she's still scrapping that pot and the contents keep coming up as gold PLATED :)))).

    Delusional or just very unrealistic...

    Hmmm speaking of that have you been watching a programme called the Million Pound drop should try my luck on there :)

  2. Is that the one with Davina?.. heard of it but never seen it

    If a man marrys a woman knowing it's just for the money.. surely that woman would become just another bit of his property. He may kick that womans ass every which way but loose and what?.. she'd take it.. for the money?

    I understand desperate measures but these are regular folk not men and women in dire straits..

    There are so many loop holes to that stratergy..... it jsut makes me wanna... take a shower or something you know?... grubby... but you know what i was told?... give it 10yrs .. you'll be sounding just like us!!.. lord i pray that not be the case

  3. Yes Davina presents that. The times have changed greed seems to be the norm these days in for a penny out for a pound ruthless