Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fabio Capello resigned... yipeee..

An England football team without a manager... classic.

I think they should just 'roll up' on match days kick the ball about and score some goals, then go to the pub and have a pint ( and perhaps a lap dance)
Culture...I have a feeling they may perform much better :-)

Capello was being paid shed loads of money, and the team performed ( in my humble opinion) at their worst!... shameful

When he appeared to be ‘backing’ J.T with regards to those ‘racist ‘ claims I felt he should have gone... so... I’m glad he has
I quite like Harry Redknapp ( at the mo) Paul Ince( doubt it) or that other fella ( you know...the one who missed a penalty against Germany that time ( that narrows it down lol!!)... can’t remember his name for the life of me
I remember some talk that a Brit should lead the team.. and you know what?... I’m gonna agree with that on this occasion..
Even though I don’t think any of the African teams have African managers... do they? ... ( I’m not that up on footy )
Somebody please... say it aint so...

Football eh... I refuse to take it seriously


  1. 24 million you know! hawt higgidy damnation! that's third world debt money! overpaid italians and english football ey?

    The english "heroes of 1966 world cup" team :~) me honestly thinks even an english manager won't save them. its in the psyche, kinda malfunctioning. Go on 'arry, go get your 24 mil

    yes, African coaches/managers never get any credit but this is changing. the Ivory Coast national team have an African manager, got them to the finals on Sunday :~) and to think Ivory Coast used to employ sven goran eriksson on god knows how much dollars .. *smh*

  2. I'm at odds with this one Dawna - It seems to have all turned into a Dog's breakfast. I believe in the presumption of 'Innocence' until proven otherwise - but of course there are some things where even then you have to remove someone from their position. You wouldn't leave a teacher accused of sexually abusing their pupils in position until a trial determined the truth of the matter. I think the FA 'copped out' by only insisting he be stripped of the captaincy - Cappello's point was that if they were making 'pre-judgements' on his potential guilt then he should not have been allowed to play at all. Just like the teacher he should have been placed on 'absence of leave' until it was sorted. The FA sat on the fence - removing the captaincy was simply symbolic - they still allowed him to be available for selection. Hypocrisy IMO - Looking at the charges he should have been booted out immediately as they are so serious. Capello wouldn't have had a leg to stand on then - he couldn't gripe or complain as it was totally the right thing to do. Neither Capello or the FA got it right. They both got it wrong and in so doing somehow diluted the issue of racism and deflected the arguments elsewhere...IMO

    I wonder if the FA made the error of trying to appease Black people by removing the captaincy - and appeasing whites by letting him continue to play - thinking 'this will be the answwer to calm both sides' - when in fact only one answer was necessary - "You've been charged with a serious offence JT so go do some gardening for the next 6 months until we get to a trial..."

    Oh and Certainly Pitso Mosimane is currently manager of South Africa and he was born and raised there...and Stephen Keshi is manager of Nigeria - born in Lagos