Sunday, 25 March 2012

By the beach..

It’s cool by the sea
So you wrap your jacket around me to keep me warm
You only have a tee-shirt on so now... I worry
Worry that you should feel cold
You say you’re never cold with me
That you are warmed by my love
Energised by my touch
You hold my hand
And I feel it too
Together we enjoy time and space
Watch the expanse of the sea
The sky
We watch children enjoy their youth
And elderly couples enjoy every second of time left together
Time stops for a moment as you look at me
Call me your queen as you are my king
I close my eyes
Feel the softness of your lips
Together we reclaim our kingdom
On a bench ... by the sea
This man god carries the world on his shoulders
I watch for a moment as he puts it down
Then smiles
Sweet prince
Amidst all that..
How did you find me?

Another glorious day.. Happy SMS x