Friday, 16 March 2012

The gay marriage debate...

I'm not sure why anyone who has ever read the bible could find it difficult to understand the Church's stance on gay marriage.

I think people are being a bit hard on the church to be honest

I watched this interview with Archbishop Vincent Nichols, and felt he explained his stance very well.
Feel free to have a look if your that way inclined

I think it must be difficult to be Christian and be gay..given the text written in the bible.

What do people really want the Church to do?.. change some of their core fundamental beliefs?
re-write the bible? ( well...I guess it's been done before)

Everyone wants to be accepted for their difference yet wont respect the different views of others at times
I don't think this is as some would have you believe a homophobic argument at all...
I think it's about not being prepared to accept differences
Are the two the same thing?
Not really... as in this case it pertains to both sides...(accept me, but I wont accept you.. kind of thing)

What will be the outcome?.. god knows ( no pun intended) but unless it's a 'slow news day' I can't quite understand why it's being given so much air time


  1. The church are hypocrites, as is typical of institutions that claim to represent deities. the text they quote is old testament judaist tosh. given his tolerance their main man Jesu Christi would have welcomed gay people in all day. shame he didnt had tablets down to Peter, would have saved us all from those vatican idiots

  2. I hear you. but alot of people don't see it as tosh.
    The church ( hypocritical or not) is still relatively clear about a number of things. Take it or leave it?... Plus many still adhere to old testiment beliefs.. should we be telling them not too?... I don't know.. In fact... in many ways perhaps we are all hypocrites.. and have to be.. to refrain from upsetting others!
    Maybe a real debate about faith is what is really needed, faith and religion are very different things. maybe a debate about 'god'..
    I don't condone those 'vatican idiots' any more than you do .. (which is not at all)... we should all be concerend there for many many reasons...
    Too much (any) power in the wrong hands is a dangerous business...

  3. Should Muslims, Jews and Rastas be 'foreced' to eat pork.. or sit at the table of a 'jumbo pork fest' because others see thier faiths /beliefs as idiotic?...
    or do they have a right to have their views respected?

  4. Chrome.. do you go to Church?

  5. I think that his argument was rational. So often I listen to these people talk about these things and they end up interjecting passion into their argument, this gentleman sounded totally logical.

    My problem with denying homosexuals the right to marry has nothing to do with the Bible. But I would like to point out that passages in the Bible were used for years to justify enslaving my ancestors and to also command them to be obedient to their masters......but that's something else entirely.

    I think that any adult that wishes to marry another adult, should be able to do so. I think that when your rights infringe on my rights, then there's a problem. Gay marriage isn't something that infringes on me or you in any way. If two dudes or two women want to marry and make flippy flop....then I say go for it. That just doesn't impact me. The hypocrisy in many of the churches stances is glaring.

    I grew up in the church and I can assure you that my parents and grandparents would find gay marriage to be an abomination. But I'm not them. I try to live and let live. It is what it is.

    There was a time when interracial marriage was outlawed and frowned upon by society at large. There was a time when women didn't vote and society dictated that they wear long dresses.....for the purpose of modesty. There was a time when a man could own another man and that man's wife and if he chose to take that man's wife to bed.....that was his legal right as her owner. Time's change, people change. It is what it is.

  6. I get where you are coming from, but I personally think this whole gay thing is getting hijacked by religious types. These guys are a bunch of very illogical people behind times and hiding behind old text, and clearly don't know what they are talking about. They place homosexuality in the realms of sin which it's clearly not - scientifically and logically proven. The way they see it, if one is gay then they must be serving Lucifer, will burn in hell, and should not be allowed near clergy. In many arguments (my fav sport) with the Catholics, Seven day adventists and Jehovah Witnesses lot I've come to see this hard un-shifting stance. They always clam up and waffle when I mention Jesus and his acceptance of lepers, beggars and prostitutes and other outcasts of society. Jesus clearly got it and welcomed all into his fold, so I'm always perplexed why they can't.

    We'll see who's right on Judgement night

    I go to Church, but I have no faith in or believe in any gods or deity. God to me is a concept which I equate with an abstraction of the higher nature of man. Yes :-) me old mother is very disappointed

    If it was as simple as a 'jumbo pork fest' (yuck) we would have resolved this centuries ago

  7. Both very interesting.. pleasure to read

  8. Chrome.. do you not feel that by going to church you are supporting the very institution that you 'rally' against?
    I'm a bit perplexed... why do you go?
    Is that not a bit like saying.. i smoked weed but didn't inhale? .. you know that old argument that perhaps a .. errr 'politician' may churn out under pressure..

    The church kind of needs bums of seats at the end of the day... your bum... is on the seat.. is it not?

  9. D my issue is more with doctrine that excludes outsiders. I don't take holy communion and reluctantly put shekels in the basket (if at all, Vatican thief!). Between that, functional atheism and my innate hypocrisy I'm happily reconciled

    I respect the social function some local churches plays in society. The parish priest in the church is a wise dude, speaks a lot of sense, left wing-ish and very active in Deptford - a dichotomy seeing as he's a Catholic priest. He's made a huge difference in the 5 years he's been there and I respect that. He knows I don't believe any of it but is always welcoming when he sees me. since he's come the church has gained a reputation for throwing big parties (lots of food cooked by the christian mothers) for the big occasions - yup! roll on mother's day celebrations :~)

  10. You're funny.. 'vatican thief'
    Yes churched can and often do play an important role in society... a place to come together.. to celebrate, mourn, you name it..
    what's that you say.. lots of food cooked by christian mothers?.. Amen to that!... it's good to 'break bread' together that's for sure :)

    Church don't know what to do about gay marriage?... let them eat cake!... throw in some rum punch .. carribean style... pretty soon.. they'll all get along

  11. Looool! innit! 'make cake not war'. summer t-shirt slogan sorted :-)

  12. My question is yes what do people want the church to do this is a case of CONFUSED .com gay marriages ok fuck that dont get me started on gay priests cause they exist too. We live in a world of HYPOCRYTES all of us do unfortunately the church cant take certain things back. Like the thesaurus full of info we quote everyday....so is the bible the preaching was literally cast in STONE.

    You know the funny thing about us human beings is that when were not in a particular situation we say all sorts...I always pose the question what would you do if one of your kids say am gay and ermmmm I want to get married to so and so butttt bullockssssss.

    We were put on earth to go forth and multiply somewhere down the line we got confused in the process.....science says otherwise......oh who knows!!!

    We will never be happy thats all I know....religion will always be on the plate but depends how much each individual is prepared to stomach.....

    We could go on allllllllllll nite

  13. You have a way with words Chilled.. 'I want to get married to so and so butt bollocks!?!'..... i was waiting for 'fanny ole' to get a mention but you stopped short... ( and just as well, may I say lol)
    It's a debate that can and will go on I guess, boths sides have a point.. or do they?... i'm not sure

    One could argue that you don't go to a football match then complain when they start to play football... scream you want to see cricket and demand they change..
    A butcher will rarely sell a veg sausage, and a monk wont date you...
    The chuch is the church.. for good or ill.. I'm not sure about this at all .. what is this debate really about?
    Are civil same sex partnerships not already legal anyway?... I'm sure I saw Elton John on the telly getting married did I not...?
    So what's the issue?
    Is it about the union being recognised by 'god'?... do people really think that god lives in the church?
    what century is this again? :)

  14. Exactly what century thank you Dawna....fanny ole looool. Elton John did get married and even adopted a child now the plott is nice and thick. It is what it is times have changed significantly we now have the d'banj oliver twist craze, Azonto is going off the scale and 10 year old girls are having children by C-section. What next huh??...for those that cant change the situation they neef to shrrrrup put up.

    Things ae only gonna get more twisted as the centuries increase....I mean butt injections to increase their size. The population want things due to popular demand yet when the stack overflows they complain in the same breath....