Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mad Men and Drunks....

Mad Men and Drunks love me.
Now I’m not saying other men don’t love me but... okay... let me rephrase this... mad men and drunks aren’t afraid to talk to me... they aren’t afraid to ... make... comments.
It ranges from... 'you’re so beautiful'... to ... 'go on darlin’... give us a wiggle'...O-kay... how about... not.

Now those who are big on the law of attraction may say something along the lines of... well that’s a no brainer Dawna... you are obviously mad... and a drunk...
Errr....let’s skip the ABC of the law of attraction for a moment you cheeky gits and go a little deeper shall we?
Two things I struggle to deal with in life? things I've been a little scornful of perhaps? ...yes you’ve guessed it.. Mad Men and Drunks...
It is entirely possible therefore that their love of me, is 'gods' way of teaching me to appreciate them and see them in a way I had not done before... to look beyond the scorn and see the human that exists before me...
They come to me... so I can’t continue to avoid them...
It's a theory

There is also a part of me that thinks it may just be possible that the most honest men you’re ever likely to find is... yes you’ve guessed it... Mad Men and Drunks...
Mad Men and Drunks express emotion in a way that a regular fella struggles to do.
They can’t hide behind flashy clothes and cars... there is no hiding place for them. What you see is what you get.
They laugh, they cry, they talk, they share their feelings openly without fear.
Yes... Mad Men and Drunks... can teach us a thing or two.

Disclaimer 1. this does not apply to those who have really lost it... sad state of affairs that
Disclaimer 2... I’m not completely cured yet..work in progress


  1. Alcohol lowers inhibitions.....those alcoholics like to talk to everyone when they've had a few.

  2. Right am gonna call you positively classsy Dawna she has a fun yet serious side to her personality look deeper and that quirky woman is as sweet as the rest of the 99.9% certified nutters chilledleo at the front of the que lool. Life is short we should be able to make jokes at our expense ;-)

  3. Dawna you not alone, I get it too. Its your radiance, your easy accommodating smile and manners, those sparkling eyes that attracts attention. fortunately I'm not told to "gis us a wiggle luv" no envy there lol!

    consider it a blessing still, you wear your humanity right.

  4. That......and drunks like boobs too.