Sunday, 25 March 2012

Forbidden black love...

They say we must not fall in love
They say we must not speak to each other
Touch each other
See ... or acknowledge each other
In any way

They say together we are too much...
and that we cannot be trusted
They say if we continue...
They’ll kill us both
They'll make a show of it
And no one will care
Because we’re easily replaceable

They say I’m to bear another mans children
And you... have work to do
They ripped you away from me in broad daylight
and when I cried... they beat me
I never cried again.

I saw you a few times after that but knew better than to even try and catch your eye
I saw a man kick you... and I hated him

In my dreams I wondered if I’d ever see you again
Talk to you
Laugh with you
If we’d ever embrace...
In my dreams we are man and wife
And forced as I was to bear another mans children
My dream remained
Oh how I wished you were their father
And we could be a family

Yet even the children are gone
They took everything from me....

I saw you once in Tesco’s last year
I waved... but alas

You really didn’t recognise me
You really don’t know me anymore

I wanted to say
Its okay now...
But In your mind
It’s still forbidden


  1. Bit lost on its context but its bloody brilliant!

  2. Thank you Chrome.

    We were slaves. The context is the African slave trade...slavery

    I'm looking at the impact such forbidden love has had.. I'm looking at it through the eyes of this once slave girl

    She lived then.. and she lives now... she remembered.. he would not

  3. Its beautiful. One day i hope i'd have the privelege to hear u do a poetry recital

  4. Very very nice!!!

    ....and I particularly liked that last picture, very nice.