Thursday, 1 March 2012

Please remind me....

Remember... never to let anyone treat you less than you are worth, or make you believe... you are not worthy.
Always re-evaluate your values and beliefs to ensure they continue to serve you and the world around you positively
Never let go of your hopes and dreams or allow anyone to convince you that they are not possible
Follow your heart, and never allow fear to trap you in a web of excuses
Reflect on your day, and ask yourself questions..
Answer them honestly..
Be kind
Be loving
Acknowledge you feelings
Listen to your intuition
Remember... no matter what you look like... you are beautiful
Remember love is not a game of poker...
Never set out to deceive
Sometimes it hurts to cry... but sometimes.. cry you must
Find someone or something that makes you laugh... and if you can... laugh everyday
Remember you are special
Remember there will always be someone who will love you... freely... by choice...fearlessly
Be honest with yourself
Never get too wrapped up in adoration
Don’t believe your own hype... control your ego
Get to the root of your un-happiness
Share your joy
Never give up on romance
Speak words of love.. write love letters
Remember death is a reality... and what we do with our time ... matters
Work through your anger
Be open to love
Try not to repeat the mistakes of the past
Just because you can't see it... doesn't mean it isn't there
Fantasy can become reality... and dreams fulfilled
When we limit ourselves... we also limit others...
To do so.. is selfish
To be cruel is never necessary.. but it's always an option
Having an abundance of love... can feel like a heavy burden to carry
Believe your time will come
Love the god in you
Love your partner without limit
To shut down... is to shut out
Show gratitude
There are times when we should talk
There are times to be silent
Make up after arguments
Enjoy making love
Get your housework done early... and out of the way..
Take care of yourself
Love yourself the way you wish to be loved

It will be okay....


  1. great post. sometimes we get tied up in our relationship to others and other things. we forget to relate and remind ourselves of the little simple things of life

    on that note .. can I remind a certain beautiful someone of an outstanding .. hook up?

  2. Thats sweet..
    Okay, i'm ready. I really could use cheering up.. and a big hug... give me a shout