Monday, 26 March 2012

Thought of the day... last nights chicken

Who the hell ate last night’s chicken is what I really want to shout
I don’t even eat meat but I know I cooked enough for two days... so I'm not cooking chicken again today.
Don’t you just hate that?
Would it be wrong to put a lock on the kitchen door?...
Laminate a big sign that says... 'Eat the chicken for tomorrow’s dinner today.. and you will go hungry tomorrow'?
Wire up the pot lit to the electrics so anyone trying to lift the lid gets a shock?
Buy a pit bull terrier, and train it to guard the pot?
Hire G4 trained security, to guard the kitchen at night?
The pot... is cleannnnnn.

Happy Monday


  1. Chicken must have been delicious!!!

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha wire the pot Dawna LOL....

  3. lol...seriously...I don't want anybody looking at me when i'm eating MY veggy dinner tonight.. no pleading eyes..nothing. You know what they say... 'feast today.. famine tomorrow!'

    Like living with Gannets...