Monday, 26 March 2012

Thought of the day...The soul..

There are days when I feel my soul has walked this earth before
Has seen and experienced things I couldn't have possibly have done in this lifetime

Have you ever felt like that?

My thought of today is about us... as gods
How many of us only live out a fraction of our potential

Do you think everyone has a calling in life?

Embrace the god within.. for without it.. we are lost


  1. There are excellent questions in this post Dawna Lee, I just don't have any answers to them.

  2. my calling is to ensure I save chrome from himself;-) and ensure Dawna does not give anyone an electric shock lol

  3. I'm not bad with the questions Reggie... i too struggle with the answers

    Chilledleo lol!!... yes keep us in line.. we need you..lol :-)