Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Monday....

Another week is upon us
I hope you all have a good one
I really like Simones post at Chocolate Covered Daydreams.
Some people live their whole lives and never find a love like that, so Simone... (as I’m sure you know) you are very blessed indeed.

I will take up the challenge, and at the very least consider the things in my life I have to be grateful for, things that I cherish
Often it’s the things we don’t like that tend to grab our focus and zap our energy. So I’m trying to reverse that.
An old lady said something to me in a garden centre the other day and I hope she’s right.
Don’t you just love when people out of nowhere come up and tell you things... ‘gods’ little ‘angels’ are everywhere. Walking among us. Could even be us, in the eyes of another.
I love old people.
So... I’ll try and stop ‘navel gazing’ long enough to look up, maybe even smile.

Have a nice day and week ahead x
love you allxx


  1. positive start to the week Dawna enjoy lots of pearly whites this week x