Saturday, 17 March 2012

R.I.P Dawna... Thursday December 12th 2047.. and other Saturday ponderings..

Well... I heard Reggie speak of the death clock website on his latest post and I thought i'd check it out.
Apparently.. my date of death will be; Thursday December 12th 2047
Meaning I will die at 78.

I hope they did mean 2047 and not 2012... Yikes... if that’s the case not long now!:)
If you did know for sure your date of death... would you do anything differently right now?
Would you live a more meaningful and purposeful life (if you don’t already do so)
Or would you carry on as you always have done.

Anyway, for me personally...now I know I’m going to die lol... I’m going to try and make the most of the time I have left; which is 1,127.677, 227 seconds and counting down...
December huh... never did like the cold!.. and that statement just lost me another 10 seconds.. shit..

I have potatoes and a few veg to plant. I decided to stick to growing things which cause less hassle, and I feel confident about growing, I’ve never grown potatoes before but I’ve watched my mum so feel quite sure I cant mess that up. The brussel sprouts and broccoli that I tried to grow last year, grew to the size of a large marble... so I will not be doing that again.
I will go for onions beans, tomatoes,potatoes

Things are quite busy in many ways at the moment so I’m finding that I get quite tired!!... more than what's usual for me. I must try and pick up some iron as every little helps . But truth is... there’s just a lot on at the mo.

Today is treat myself to new phone day. Enough’s enough... I really need a phone. Even my house phone is ca put...and I like to talk.. and text

My personal development aim is to try not to overreact.. ( not be so OTT about things) keep calm..errr..have a little more patience...and perhaps understanding (which I can be a bit selective with)
You see...I have this fire inside that every so often shows up to say hi.. 'dont mean no nevermind'I've grown quite fond of it, but it needs a bit of a talking to every so often :)

I..shouted at a beggar the other day.. he seemed to be chasing me.. so I stopped turned around and shouted.. ‘GO AWAY..DONT FOLLOW ME... I HAVE NOTHING FOR YOU!’.. I was actually quite angry with him...plus he called me sis ..which pissed me off even more!. ( oh dear..I hope it wasn't actually one of my brothers on a really bad day lol)... I jest of course
That was a mean moment... I’m not proud. But sometimes people take the piss.

I mean... don't chase after me like that.. i'll go into fight mode.. this is Hackney.


  1. Well you'll apparently outlive me. I'm only living t0 73.

    Isn't it nice to know that you'll be around for a while yet?!?

  2. perfect post full of humour couldnt stop laughing and the real Dawna...dont mind these bloody predictive nonsense.....I wouldnt change a thing if I knew I would be as BADDDD as possible

  3. It was oddly reassuring Reggie..:) it's said that women tend to outlive men... not sure what that's about..

    How badd can Chilled Leo be... lol
    It's so weird that predictive thing.. I never even knew such a site existed... brilliant!!

    I would like to say to anyone passing through.. that if there is anything ( nice) that anyone would like to give to me, share with me, say to me, or do for me.. don't hold back!!...as there is a small chance the date may be wrong...just saying..