Friday, 9 March 2012

I swear...

I never used to swear
For years... not a curse word...
I was telling a friend the other day that there was a time about five or six years ago when I just began to tear the roof off... if ever I got home after work and the place was untidy..
I’d curse the f****** house to pieces... wondering what nasty f***** I was in fact f****** living with.
I would continue to curse until I had cleaned everything and cooked dinner. Then ... everything was fine... and it was out of my system
As I cursed... I felt relief... it really helped me... I got it out of my system
The neighbours must have thought at the time... Dear god!! .. I pray... send this girl a man!!.. and I suspect they’re actually atheists!
Before that ...for the longest time I felt it was unladylike... and I just never had the inclination to be honest..

Real life kicked in... or rather... my life kicked in...
And there are times it pays to know a few choice words...
Now... I swear if I want.
Love me or hate me
I don’t f****** care

Oddly enough... it’s rare you’ll ever actually hear me swear in person... and I don’t really swear at people... no... I don’t like that...
I just swear

It doesn't define me..
I don't give a shit....
I think I swear more when I write
I think I feel free to really express myself when I write

I feel at one when I write

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