Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Playground talk.. and some chit chat..

'Swings and roundabouts'

I didn’t know that saying means; ‘things will balance out in the end’. I didn’t realise that it meant ‘what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabout’. I thought it meant... here we go again...
Life is a bit like a play ground at times, and in many ways we’re just all children deep down...with some of us it's...errr...not so deep downlol...
Is it as fun?.. It can be... but it can be miserable too.
The reality is that life isn’t a picnic for many adults, and childhood isn’t so great for lots of children.
But there is truth in that saying.
The trouble is that sometimes... we want it all... and we want it all now... like children.
Often we fail to realise what we will gain... so we tend to focus on what we may lose.
Why?... I'm not sure
Life is what you make it? (cliché?)... perhaps...
It’s not only what you make it, as life can rarely be lived without interacting with others... and they can and will impact on your life, whether you realise it or not.
Life is what you make it is a selfish and insular idiom that's (even though sometimes it’s what is required) often found between the pages of a self help book. Yet to be fair, it can offer real comfort, when comfort is required...
Life is what it is... with all its ups and downs... many say the making of us is how we respond to those challenges.. life... is a see-saw... ( and remember not having anyone at the other end of that?.. yes...boring! .. it doesn’t work!..remember the work you had to put in to get the thing to move?... and then you gave up?....
Still most times situations are of our making... no doubt.
Got to be honest about that



I want to talk briefly about courage and ask.. how courageous are you?... really.
Do we become less courageous the more we feel we have to lose?... The older we get?...Do we become too tired and worn out to become courageous?...Can true courage only be measured by the amount one has at stake?... the level of fear to overcome?
Is courage when you acknowledge the fear..you may be shit scared... but do it anyway?
Courage is something worthwhile.



...don’t understand ‘em:)

( I want one of you guys to explain manhood to me in a nutshell(no pun intended), why you behave the way you do , think the way you think, and what .. ( if anything) you feel... feel free..I'm interested... y'all intrigue me)
Over to you.....

Don't say us women never let you talk!!!


  1. Courage to me equals less fear in mathematics terminology...how do you get there???. Different life experiences are supposed to make us less fearful hence must up courage to face any shiteee thrown our way. If only things worked in such a seamless stream then we'd all walk a lot less in the dark.

    Our fear magnified by what we know child birth can be .......fill in the blanks according to your pain threshold point is the fear doesnt stop us going for round 2,3,4....

    Then off course there are people who allow fear overule their courage in all they do. Decision making is not about courage if and when you need to come correct then fucking correct shit instead of dithering cant stand dithering!!!

  2. Decision making equals lots of fear minus courage.........some people are just simply not capable if making a decision almost like watching paint dry. very slow and painful