Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The dark side of girls..

I’m quite a gentle caring sort of person... most times:) But I know that if pushed I could have a temper. It’s not infrequent for me to feel angry about something,.. But a person would have to really violate something dear to me for me to tread the path of making it a lived reality.

I know it's there, so I never really go there. Like most people I guess, the more we know ourselves, the more we steer clear of situations likely to bring certain (more unpleasant aspects) of our nature to the fore.
The more we know ourselves, the more we learn to manage our behaviour.
Consequences I guess... the risk of somebody getting hurt... and love

But I want to talk about girls for a moment. Women.
Most of us have seen images of men carrying out some atrocious acts, and many of us also feel that men have a tendency to war mongering, whereas women possess a tendency to seek other non violent solutions but...
Do women not have the same propensity to violence as men?
There is a possibility that it may (if unleashed) be even greater. Having been suppressed for so long.. that little curve ball.. that lethal weapon in the armoury nobody expects.

That nobody believes exists...

It's a bit like saying Elvis is alive and was seen shopping in Calais... outside of an Elvis fan... not many people would believe that!.

Is there an unexplored dark side to women that men fear?
Do we as women, all know it, and is that why we often view each other as potential combatants?
Women are weary... of women
And perhaps with good reason
Where some see genteel
We often see something entirely different
And we fear it not.
underestimate it not

the dark side of girls...


  1. hope you're not feenin' to beat someone's ass?

    violence or the threat of some dark retribution can be very useful, especially if your adversary just simply refuses to back off despite your best diplomatic efforts. but beware the Pyrrhic victory .. with things like this there is always a high cost to the victor

  2. Me?.. no Chromey:)

    To be honest I can't actually bring myself to hit or harm another in that way..it galls me...( it would have to be something real serious for that to happen in reality.. and i'm trying to think... what?)

    but I do think thoughts reside in all of us depending on the context....
    My mind wandered.. I thought about the 'all female army' I commented on with ChilledLeo in her post.. At the time I was thinking.. hey how cool would that look!!... but truth is... there is something I find a little unsettling when I consider women and violence. Looking at people like the hindley or west women.. or even unknown gangster gals who commit certain violent acts. It almost goes against the nature of women, as nuturers and bearers of life...

    there's a part of me that thinks women should not even be sent to prison but that's another story..

    Violence is genderless.. but is it not purely a lack of control?.. an are wars not an ooutward expression... of a lack of control on a larger scale?

    perhaps anger is purely a message that sends a trigger to your brain or persons that something's not right... what is done with that information depends on each individual

    fret not Chrome... I'm a nice girl really:).. i've vowed to be:)

  3. In our male world it is sometimes necessary, lord knows i've been forced to hold my own without being the instigator. some people will try especially if they sense weakness or feel u think u r too cool. or they just plain troublesome. i say walk away everytime, not enough hrs in the day for agro

    do agree it goes against the nature of women, though i'd expect u to definitely know how to hold ur dukes up if it went down. otherwise karate/kickboxing classes beckons :-)