Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the softer side of girls...

I'm a Libran.. some of you may think all that is nonsense, but I do tend to like balance... and whenever I read about Libran traits, I also recognise those traits in myself..

Anyway... that post.. the dark side... needs to be balanced... it needs... something..

So... I'd like to share with you that women also posses... an innate ability to love. Our bodies are designed to nurture life, and when this ability to love is applied to most things in life... it has the power to soothe disgruntled hearts and minds, and heal wounds deeper than flesh.

This eclipses what I have previously termed... the dark side
The softer side of girls makes us want to hug another... makes us call a girlfriend in the knowledge we'll receive comfort...
we cry at movies, love rom coms.. relate to Bridget Jones and forgive our boyfriends.. even when we say we wont.
makes us want to care for another

It's the side that reminds us of the joy of humanity
In truth.. women are complex.. possibly the worlds most enjoyable puzzle..

I hope you agree... :)

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  1. I would say that women are complex alright.