Thursday, 1 March 2012

Do you believe in Providence?...

Divine providence that is....
Do you feel we have the power to summon it at will?..
I require providence... as I'm a little hazy.
I need to re-tune my antenna
Who or what do you turn to for answers?..
Some turn to prayer.. others head to the pub.. some burn... incense

I tend to look within... talk... (if i can find an ear on my wavelength)... then reflect...
sometimes it helps to listen... to the sounds of life.. nature.. be still awhile, then you sometimes get a pull either way.. a sense of clarity.. an answer to a question..
I find the early hours best for that.. hearing the first early buses... birds...watching the sky turn to light

Providence... a girls best friend...


  1. Nah I don't believe in that or fairies or pixie dust either. Though I can remember a time during my young life that I did believe in masturbation.

    I believed in that the way little kids believed in the Easter bunny. Hell I believed so much I almost ended up with tennis elbow.

  2. Not sure I understand Reggie's comment, what has masturbation got to do with divine providence. Is this a serious response?