Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Police...

I was a big fan of the Police growing up ( the band ).. bought their albums etc.. never saw them live though... funny .. all very accomplished musicians but apparently fought like cat and dog... go figure... maybe it was the ego thing... maybe it was just part of growing up....

I remember I'd play this stuff and my bro would seem to slide the Dennis Brown albums a little closer lol... (any roots album would do... really... he needn't have worried... he should have known I'd get there lol)

I still like these tracks and think the police were a great band.
I may not longer have the posters on the wall like in days of old, but the love of the music stuck..

I know people who can't stand Sting and say he's an arrogant ass.. but even if that be the case... when he steps up to do his thing I really can't fault him..


  1. When I saw you post title (which I thought was about 5-0) I thought of the song. I liked Walking on the Moon best, something cool about his white boy crooning reggae-ish thizzle majizzle fizzle

  2. When I saw this post I thought of "Every breath you take".