Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Women.. pt 1.. International Womens Day..

Feeling tired today but good.
Feeling quite attractive actually for no reason other than I just do.
It is possible however...that I actually look like a goat :).. I don't care... i'll take goat for today ....
Tell you what though.. every morning now I’m greeted by the friendliest happiest , and most pleasant security guard I’ve come across in a long time.. who wishes me a great day in such a genuine way..it’s hard not to be impacted by his enthusiasm.... thanks... whatever your name is... )

Anyway... despite my shed loads of reading, and work I need to do, I’m chipping away at it and things are beginning to take shape... in my mind at least.
The spring air ( forgive me as I know it’s quite miserable today) always lifts my spirits, and I can’t wait to get to the garden centre and purchase a few bits to really cheer up my outdoor spaces.. Yes... grass seeds will be on the list... again... but those know me.. will know I love gardening ( in Spring/Summer anyway)

Tomorrow is 'International women’s Day'

I wondered about that a little.
I think often women are not given the respect they deserve.
Often punished for their uniqueness, subjugated by those who may feel fearful, or inferior themselves for whatever reason, and yet... despite great obstacles, women are , and continue to make great strides in life.
Where would the world be without women eh? no where... ( yeah we could also say that about men, but it’s not international mans day tomorrow, and I’m trying to keep to the theme here!)
I wondered if men ever wondered how they would feel if they were a woman.
How would they wish to be treated?
Would they feel appreciated, respected, loved?
What would they think... of men?
For many of us in the ‘west ‘loving yourself is the rhetoric... sure... I often wonder if I’ll meet anyone capable of loving me as much as I do, and the answer will most likely be no... but a close second may suffice... who knows... I kid... hmmm.. well... kinda...

Fact is... for many women outside of the western hemisphere... loving yourself is a luxury they cannot afford. They have no say... know only abuse, hatred, servitude, and have little or no say or control over what happens to their own bodies.
Well... it’s comply... or death
I’m sure many choose death
Many will have no choice, death will be chosen for them

Damn... this was meant to be a cheery post.
I am feeling good... honest...
I guess what I wanted to say is... be nice...
I try to remind people that kindness is not a weakness... some struggle and think they have to be nasty or rude, to be taken seriously.. I don’t think so at all
Recognise the beautiful contribution that women make to the world...
No man is an island... and those who seek a good woman ... and find it... smile...
and get on with it
Not every woman will be suited to you... so don’t why admonish... for in their own way... every woman is a gem

Write a beautiful letter to a woman today.. send it or read it directly to them, face to face.. or over the phone.. cook a meal..whatever... don't be afraid to show you care

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