Sunday, 11 March 2012

Making changes in life..

I think I'm at a crossroads in my life.
Or... something.. .maybe it's an enlightened stage.. not sure .. can't quite put my finger on it..
The TD Jakes sermon I posted is all about being at a crossroads, and although the focus was on men... it offered me something also ( I do like YouTube really.., that previous post may have implied otherwise)

I am Spring cleaning my life.. as I'm ready for a new life.. ready for..my life
I try to remind myself that things don't always happen over night... that real change can take time.. I try to remind myself that change is actually occurring .. all the time

There are lots of things that can prevent us from making changes
Loss of motivation
and sometimes... these are the very things we need a change of state from...the irony... it can be a vicious circle
I guess if we want anything badly enough.. we will find a way to do it..
Sometimes we need help... and shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge, that.

I think it helps when we have a vision of how we would like our lives to be.
But it's more than just a vision.. it's a deep down gut feeling that needs to accompany it.. to turn a thought.. into action

I'm on a day at a time thing right now...one day .. at a time


  1. I can understand where you're at, I'm at a crossroads as well at this point in my life. Fear and complacency are my two chief excuses, but I really think that at this point I don't want to make a change just yet.

    By the way, doesn't TD Jakes look like a big ass teddybear?!?

  2. He does look like a teddy bear.. :)
    I've had enough of the 'same ole', Reggie.. I guess i'm tired of being tired.. want the things i've dreamed of.. i'm willing to put in the work to make it happen

  3. While we may be in the same place, apparently we're coming to it from different sides. Like in so many things; perception, is I suppose, reality.