Sunday, 5 October 2014

Africa's richest woman - Folorunsho Alakija

Well.. I showcased the man Aliko Dankote in an earlier post in the week, so here's the woman

Not an interview unfortunately perhaps ( which I looked for, found some but didn't enjoy them) but a speech..

Youtube comments are always interesting.. here's two

Odutayo Olamide1 month ago

"Oh please!! What did she innovate or invent to become a billionaire? Oil? Over here you become rich by corruption or mingling with 'big men'. Let's ask IBB what she did to be awarded oil blocks...Shame!"

RealOJMichaels1 month ago

"corrupt or not, how does it affect you and your success personally, why don't you get inspired and show you can be succesful without being corrupt. keep on watching Ndani TV don't grind."

I'll be impartial.. there are interesting aspects

Here's an interview

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