Friday, 10 October 2014

Can Africa ever really trust Europe

A friend of mine doesn't believe in Ebola.
At least she doesn't believe it's as bad as it's made out to be.. and she doesn't believe it 'simply happened'
We were talking yesterday about some of the recent ISIS videos that have been emerging, and whilst she was ( as some are) skeptical about them, It was 'the West's' response to Ebola that was the main topic of conversation.
So whats the issue?

The history and legacy of Europe in the hearts and minds of many Africans

It is felt ( by a few people actually) that the response to send troops to the region is merely a ploy to increase military presence in the area. Why?.. a number of reasons.. one being perhaps in preparation for regime change, or perhaps simply an increase in military personnel will make it much easier to do 'business' in these mineral rich countries again.

I don't think Africa should ever close both eyes.
They've played that game before and lost.

However, when your desperate... you accept help wherever you can get it from.

There an old saying.. 'Make hay while the sun shines..'. In my humble opinion, first order of business for any country coming out of a civil/international war once the safety of the citizens is assured is to rebuild the infrastructure.. then get those key institutions in place.. hospitals schools etc... But I'm sure those in power know this... that they haven't been able to is sufficiently is the question that needs an answer.

Came across this in the Guardian yesterday... [you may have to click to read]

or to view Source Guardian - 'How to beat Ebola'click [here]

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