Wednesday, 29 October 2014

D'banj - Alaye & Confidential ft Shadowboxer, Idris Elba & D'Banj

I wish the producers will tell D'banj to stop saying "I'm D'banj" on all of his songs.
Still.. best track I've heard from him since 'Bother you' ( I liked that one alot.. but then I enjoyed the film too)

Now.. I didn't know Idris Elba could rap.. in Krio too.. #Go Salone boy!

It's an okay track.. kinda sexy.

A rainy and grey day today. Probably silly to complain about it, as it's that time of year.

Who is this singing?.. Errr I forgot..oh yeah.. It's Dbanj! lol!
Funny guy

This video may help ease away any grey sky blues..

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