Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Fever - ft Tiwa Savage - My Darlin. Largess No Time. Wizkid fy 2Face Idiba - Dance Go

I decided to take a trip over South to see my sister as I had a few books to return to the University anyway so it was never going to be a direct trip home from work for me.
I cancelled a movie I was intending to see tonight, as i'm still feeling a little rough.

Travelling on the train, I'll admit, I felt quite unwell..it was really hot underground and my temperature seem to rise to the point that I had to take my jacket off. I was under pressure and I remember thinking, oh my gosh.. if i'm ill on the train will people come to my aid?.. or run away?
Will the guards come.. or special forces? #Ebolascare?
.. imagine that huh...

for information about that short film click [here]

I decided to calm down ..stop panicking, and before I knew it.. thankfully i'd reached my destination.
I didn't see my sister but fortunately my niece was in. for as [no] luck would have it, my sister was going out to dinner straight from work. That's me all over though with my impulsive ways.
Home now, I'm gonna chill and take care of me tonight.

On another note, Ti worked really hard on his project which he had to hand in today. He told me that his work was critiqued considerably, with not even 1 positive comment from the lecturer or his 'fellow students'!
That upset me.
It upset me because I saw his work and it was actually pretty good. and also because other students received positive comments in addition to having aspects of their work critiqued.
I told him not to allow this to affect his confidence etc....
That type of thing upsets me because he's the only black student in his class so I'm kinda suspicious as to why they would treat him [and his contribution] differently.
Maybe i'm being over sensitive. I don't think so though as these things are not uncommon.
I know I can't fight his battles.. he's a young man now and all that but.. well.. it upsets me, and I always want to do something about it, that's all
I don't like people messin' with me or my progeny you know?

I get.. well lets just say I get serious...

Anyway, it is Friday.. and even warriors rest I hear.. so I'll take their lead.
I'll relax my brain.. and my body..indulge in some sweet sounds and sweet thoughts.. let the world wait.. yes the world can wait, til another day..
this is me now..
.. and I'll be having an early night I think

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