Thursday, 23 October 2014

May D - Tanx A Lot

This week seems to be going by quite fast. I'm not complaining, I need a day in bed to shake a lingering fever. (Weekend pending)
Anyway.. I thought I'd enjoy a little chilled track to kick start my day
Tanx alot May D

Interesting picture

Click [here] for Guardian Article

And if you're not in the mood to click .. here's an extract...

.Mo’alim knows that launching the ATM is not without risk. Armed gangs remain a threat. The installation of the cash machine, however, is the latest indication that Somalia is slowly rebuilding its fractured society after almost two decades of conflict...

...The Salam Somali Bank is one of around a dozen private banks and investment firms which have opened in Mogadishu after 2011’s ousting of al-Shabaab militants from the capital. Despite these new shoots of activity in the financial sector, many Somalians remain dependent on remittances. A hefty portion of the country’s national income is derived from diasporic Somalians sending money home from countries like the UK'.

Somalia huh
War is big business.. but not everyone profits

Happy Thursday all x.

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