Friday, 10 October 2014

Decisions Decisions..

Why are some decisions easier to make than others?
Tea or coffee?
Milk or black?
Sugar or no sugar?..
Bus or car?
Walk or run?
and so on
All pretty easy stuff..

Today, and in life in general, I have some decisions to make that I'm not finding very easy.
Apparently Librans are notoriously bad at making decisions, but to be honest there are times when I can make one (or more) in an instant, without hesitation
Yes.. I can be very decisive indeed.

Anyway, I made one today that means I no longer have to expel any more energy in that direction. You see.. that's the other thing about not making decisions.. ones energy is often drained just by the sheer weight they occupy on the mind.

So I made a decision.

For me..it really is important that I love whatever I do.. whoever I'm with.. everything. Whatever I do.. needs to feel right , and needs to be done for the 'right reasons'
I have more to make... but I've made a start.

The other thing about making decisions is they can also require a great deal of courage. The fear of making a mistake can stop a person in thier tracks... and that horrible feeling of being 'stuck' can take over the space where joy used to reside.
I think that being 'stuck' is sometimes little more than the result of an unmade decision. Not always.. but sometimes.

My gut feeling.. instinct.. intuition or 6th sense, whatever you choose to call it.. is screaming at me. It's loud but not audible. I'm struggling to hear, but it's becoming clearer.
Day by day.


  1. I felt stuck in my marriage for a long time. Then I learned I wasn't really stuck at all.


    1. ''...then I learned i wasn't really stuck at all....'
      I heat that Janie