Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My results are in

So my angst is over.
After weeks of waiting I finally got my results back yesterday.

For my perseverance..yes, I passed my MA in Culture Ethnicity Diaspora with a decent Merit.

I knew the gaps.. knew the weaknesses in my work and I knew my dissertation supervisor would spot them, easily. But I must say. In addition to the critique, I also received some very complimentary feedback.

I fretted, I stressed. It was painful to see. Seriously I had some tough days...But somehow, I stuck to my deadlines, and got it done.

Whilst I intend to go on and complete my PHd, before I submit anything, I'll take a little rest, do a little research so I'm prepared and able to submit a good proposal, reassess, where I'm at.. and get cracking on a few of the creative projects that I've had on pause.

A friend told me recently, that she felt that I don't celebrate or recognize my achievements. My sister said she worries sometimes that i'll get my PHd and still not be happy
My mission is to change that. I'm learning. I'm okay.

It's kinda cool

..and I did okay :)

Hey!!.. I don't' have a tune for this post!..
..What am I saying.. of course I do... :)


  1. Many, many congratulations, Dawna! You are a woman of true accomplishments. Celebrate them and yourself too!

  2. Thank you so much Debra. x

  3. Way to go, Dawna! You should be very proud of how hard you have worked.