Thursday, 30 October 2014


I don't like Snakes.
Literally and metaphorically.

I even struggle to add a picture...

So when I dreamt I was bitten by a snake, I had to look it up. [click]

You see.. It wasn't even accidental. A guy that looked like this guy...

...held my hand as I was sleeping

and made his snake bite me ( yeah I know..keep it clean)

It hurt.

It wasnt the 1st time either ( yeah I know.. keep it clean)

He had made his snake bite me before.

This is not good.. especially for someone who now struggles to trust people

It has unnerved me slightly.
What could it be!??


  1. I'm sorry. I don't know how to explain this phenomenon.


  2. I do not like snakes at all, so my sympathy to you, Dawna! I'm not very good at dream interpretations. But, luckily I don't dream about snakes. I have been bitten when I was awake ~ quite traumatic and painful. If I were you, and saw that guy, I'd run!

    I've had nightmares about horses and tidal waves all my life. I know that the horse dreams come from a traumatic event in my early, early childhood, but the tidal waves I can't explain ~ maybe a past life.

    Sweet dreams tonight!

    1. Wow you were bitten?.. I'm so not a fan of things that creep crawl or slide! Sorry about your horse experience ....
      but yes... much better night! Phew :)

  3. Snakes . . yikers . . not my favorite . . . after reading your link to snake dreams . . I hope it's a wake up to something amazing . .

    then, of course i hope NOT to have an encounter, dream or otherwise . . with any . . (giggle)

    1. I hadn't even considered it could be positive! Imagine that.. thank you so ,much for a more balanced perspective ( helps me not to worry so much)
      Trust me.. I've had enough of snakes .. heehee :)