Saturday, 4 October 2014

What's Up .. this Saturday

I woke up this morning with no burning desire to do anything. I was up really early as usual as I tend to wake earlier and earlier these days.. at least I tend to sleep hourly it seems. I saw in 4am. Anyway.. I decided to get up, take a bath , load the washing machine then go back to bed.
I did a bit of online reading whist there, checking out random articles on the net.

I seem to have lost my apitite somewhat. It kicks in at random times. I'm not in the mood to house-clean really.. and it can all pretty much pass, so my mission today is really to find something to do that I enjoy. Hmmmmmmmmmm.. what can that be?

What can I do that will not involve me having to think.. or give a shit.. about anything?

I think it's time for music

This was one of my favourite songs over Summer.

and this one..


and this..

and this...

My eldest son isn't speaking to me (unless he has to).
Something about my love life. ( I wont tell you the detail, )

For some reason the men in my life are getting younger and younger. Problem is my eldest is 28. I met a guy who's 27... and that was it, that was the nail.
Prince (says) he's in his mid 30's. In truth I'm not sure.

My daughter is fine about it all.. doesn't think 'we' should adhere to man made restrictions at all, box myself in or out when life is so varied and rich.

What my sons need to understand is that many men of my age ( who they might consider eligible) are already married.. or worn out/down.. or maybe simply just not interested.

Seriously.. chemistry is something that you either have with a person or you don't. I dont go out looking for younger guys.. but I'm very open to what life has to offer, and in love I refuse to limit myself to who, or what, society tells me i should or should not go for.
Howver. WHY.. all of a sudden .. is this happening to me?

Perhaps .. Ive just decided to notice them.. and go with it.
For the longest time. I thought I may be better suited to someone older, more stable, secure, wiser, experienced.. but i realize that's silly, as being older doesn't automatically equate to all of those things.
.. and men like that.. often have other issues anyway. we all have something.
If I love someone, and they love me, that's all I care about really... i don't take love for granted

Sure there are issues that could crop up when dating younger guys.. but issues can crop up when dating anyone.. trust me.. I know...
Still... I'm an outcast right now in my elder sons eyes.. but you know what...f*** it.. he's grown.. and so am I.
.. besides... I'm not married yet.
Maybe some day.
Then they can all just relax the hell up.

Yeah... what's up this Saturday...I guess I'm upset

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