Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lutan Fyah - Sunday selection. Real people a real people.

'When me mek a money me a buy piece a lan'.. one new van and a few head a yam.. me granny false teet' an' 'e prescription.. but me nar tek 'e money buy no weapon...'

Happy Sunday all x

Money can be a blessing or a curse.. it all depends on who has it.. and what they choose to do with it
It's up to us.
It can bring joy.. or it can bring pain
Money of itself .. is not evil.. neither is it the root of all evil.. despite that well known biblical reference

The root of what we know as evil - rests in the absence of love.


I love Lutan Fyah. He's always lyrically on point.
Here's my song of the day.. yeah..real people a real people

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