Thursday, 30 October 2014

Wizkid ( Ayo) Jaiye Jaiye & Bombay

Also on the album.. the fantastic Jaiye Jaiye ft Femi Kuti

and the great Bombay ft Phyno
Don't play with that Bass

both have appeared here before but I love both tracks so there
lord knows I need it after all that Snake business #shudder

On another note.. Rio Ferdinand, who ive grown to love got fined £25,000 for saying 'Sket' on twitter?.. Rahtid.. better he join blogspot!

Say what you like here heehee.
Well...I guess that's what happens when you have millions of followers perhaps

Or when you use Jamaican phrases?

I told Ti about my dream.. he said
'why'd you Google your dreams?'
'Doesn't everybody??' I asked
' Err no.. now you just gonna have that in your head all day, stressing you out'..
I said..
'Dreams are important.. wasn't it Freud who interpreted dreams?'
'Uncle Floyd?? he asked
' FEUD.. arse..'
yeah he was tryn be funny ( did make me laugh though)


  1. I think Miley Cyrus could take some twerking lessons from the women in the Bombay video. ;0)

    1. ..there's alot of Twerking going on in 'Bombay' huh ;)