Sunday, 5 October 2014

Black History - African History.. is World History.


  1. Oh, i so agree - Black History IS World History . . and it's SUPER important - It needs to go way beyond American Hype - and should be taught - if not in schools - (although, I, personally feel that is part of school function) Other groups should put events together that speak to the hearts and interests of the populace - we should create events that attract larger groups - and offer small group discussion - These Things are important - to EVERY ONE . . heck, there are people here (I'm in the United States) who do not know there have been many free black people who changed history, set a positive standard for EVERYONE - there are people who do not realize our culture is wealthy beyond measure through the diverse influence of Black People who shared their cultural heritage - Then, there are people like me who still wonder why we aren't taught African History when we learn :World History" - that's absurd, not to share Stories of people from an entire continent . . Until this moment, i never thought about my need to learn about Black History in the U.K. - golly, i have a l-o-n-g way to go . . . sigh. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. There is loads I don't know Maggid.. in fact I would say I'm quite poor in my knowledge of history, but I'm working on it. Its probably the most important subject of them all.. although many may disagree.
    All is History
    I'm glad you found the post useful.. i'm curious too