Sunday 4 November 2012


Yesterday I dreamt of New York. I was on the subway. I don't remember much else at the moment, other than being in a hotel suite also.

I'm not planning to go to New York in the near future but who knows.

Anyway...I wanted to talk about the many sides of us.
In a way integrity of self vs dishonesty of self.
What sometimes happens in life is that we separate various parts of ourselves and present them as whole to various people(depending on which of our sides that person finds appealing) .. then oddly blame them for failing to see the real 'us'.

That game, is a game we really play with ourselves.. yet when we think we win.. in reality we lose... becoming more and more fragmented from ourselves in the illusion we create.. and present as reality.

That illusion is what some will call the ego.. others.. the lower self. Of its self it can serve a purpose, can be relatively amusing,even harmless, can be a source of development.. in fact it is .. but perhaps it's best not left in the driving seat.
Left in the driving seat it wreaks havoc..

This is one of the reasons I like the title of Joe's song all that I am..


  1. I didn't realize that Joe was still alive......with his bald headed ass.

    A week ago I was in New York, riding the subway. I got an opportunity to eat at Peter Lugers, a steak house I had been meaning to eat at for years. I then spent three days trying to get home, The person I was staying with, just got their power back on yesterday......finally.

    I like New York, it's a nice place to visit, though I wouldn't want to live there....not again anyway

  2. That Alicia Keys song with New York in it .. plays in my head

    The problems of the wholes ey? sometimes the whole you present to someone is not enough, especially when they are privy to you meaning a completely different thing to others. it shouldn't be like that