Do you enjoy reading?
Are you passionate about the African diaspora, culture and politics on the continent?
Would you like to build positive change towards a better understanding of the linkages between African people on the continent and those in the diaspora?
If so, this book club is for you
Here we will read a selection of books aimed at provoking thought, emotion and conversation.
We will cover a multitude of topics, reading books by various authors, and reflecting on how each in turn may impact or have impacted on the world in which we live.
Not only will proceeds from the book club go towards funding refreshments for each session, but they will also go towards funding group trips to the continent, staying at a local guest house, and visiting areas of interest and learning
A real cultural experience.

To express your interest please complete the short Blog form and you will be sent the complete registration form via email

This will include information on the books to be read and discussed

Welcome and thanks!

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