Monday 31 October 2016

E.L - Fefeefe

One time love riddim medley ft Sizzla, Fantan Mojah, Lutan Fyah, Cali P & more. + Lutan Fyah - Jah make the world go round

Fantan Mojah needs to be in a film... seriously
He's so expressive/dramatic.. natural born actor :)

Lutan Fyah and Sizzla are missed, pity they aren't in the vid

My artist

Iyanya ft Don. Jazzy & Dr Sid - Up To Something

Attachments!. Out with the old and in with the new

'wuk my waist wuk my waist..'
up early. lots to do.

Today I say goodbye to a good friend. We've worked together, dreamed together, laughed together, discussed news together.. been a vessel for my thoughts and opinions, and rolled out some sweet tunes together. Been ever so crucially useful over the past few weeks, and has stood by my side throughout.. wishing me well... no back chat.. and straight up loyal
Nope, not my car ( as some of you guys may be thinking)..
but , my laptop
Yes, time to say goodbye to this baby, and hello to a new one.
The pleasure, my darling... was mutual i'm sure..
you had me touching you up every day so how could it not....

In the Caribbean we say 'new broom sweep clean.. but ole broom know every corner'
A testimony to our loyalty. Yeah, we tend to be loyal folk, but needs must and all that. You must return home..
I was a mere foster parent

Have a great day x

Sunday 30 October 2016

Sunday Sunday

Sunday evening viewing 'Nigel Farage gets his life back'.
Very entertaining that's for sure.
Its a multitasking Sunday, working and watching the show at the same time. Probably not ideal but when you have to get something done you push on don't you?

Kevin Bishop plays Nigel, and his accent is very good
Very well written indeed

... clocks went back so it's official..bye bye Summer

Who will protect our women?. music by Sexy Steel – Sisi ft. Tekno & Olamide (Remix)

Nice track. cool and easy.

I was reminded again, of just how fortunate some of us are to live in the UK.
Make no mistake, Inequalities remain rife, and as blatant as ever, all women are not created equal, neither all men it would seem, but many.. in other parts of the world..have it worse.
In cities like London, despite the results of recent research into loneliness among men in particular, there is often help or support out there should one need it.
I read an article today describing the plight of many young black African female domestics working in Saudi Arabia. There are reported cases of these women being badly beaten, and treated appallingly by their employers. As bad as that may be to read, I then wondered of the wives of such men.
It's clearly cultural, and in the cases of these women it's also raced and gendered.
They are clearly viewed as occupying the lowest social strata
It's a diplomatic situation for sure.

African women really deserve more protection.. at home, and abroad.

We need our men to get up, stand up, and be heard when it comes to women's rights
The way us women do, and have done... year in and year out... on their behalf...
To be honest, I cant fathom why some of us do the things we do.
There are times I remain a mystery even unto myself.

At least here in the UK, we have a strong civil society... which undoubtedly makes a difference.

I love a love song for sure.
Sometimes though I think, ok, thank you, but Instead of focusing on our beauty and how we make you feel, it would be lovely if you actually opened your eyes to what's really going on with many women, and took a stand against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.
Silence on issues that matter tend to be viewed as agreement.

However.. I guess if they cannot.. they cannot
Not all birds can fly.
They should sit down, hush, and let the Kings take over
Still, a love song such as this can heal many wounds and soothe many souls.
I love artists.. they are the gods of our time

Good evening x

Saturday 29 October 2016

Saturday chill zone ft music by Tiwa Savage - Rewind

Nothing about the way i'm doing things today will indicate to an observer just how much I actually have to do. I'm so incredibly chilled out.
On the agenda, is to clear.
You know those big clear-outs you may have every so often to welcome in a fresh start, fresh outlook, encourage and creative positive feng shui?

Well, it's as if I believe it can be done by telepathy alone, as i'm sitting here writing, and sipping a little red, after a big lunch.
I'm sooo French.
Seriously though, I also have other wonderful things on the agenda which will burn calories and without a doubt reap positive rewards.
Only the sofa...

Doubt me not! however, I'm a determined women once aroused, and will certainly activate action stations forthwith
Only this song...

I had originally skipped over this song from the album (RED) in favour of other more immediate tracks that appealed to me at the time. Yet this is a slow burner.
This video has really brought the song to life for me.
It's so cute, romantic, and loving; heck, It's a nice song without a doubt and sure to stoke the flames of love
How could it not?

Special moments
Nice one Tiwa
Got me feeling romantic

Happy Saturday x

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Film Africa 2016

We're approaching that time of year again!
No, not Christmas ( although its not long now) favourite film festival

Film Africa 2016 [click]

Good evening x

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Breast & Honey.. humour - gods gift to mankind

I heard this last week
'the spirit lies in the breast of a lay-dee...'
What a funny man
Lol, The reporter's quite funny herself
Good afternoon x

Monday 24 October 2016

When the name Selasi became cool again

This GiF from the Great British Bake Off always makes me smile :)
I've no idea why

Let the final commence
though for some.. it was over once Selasi left

Good evening and much love x

For more check out BuzzFeeds incredibly funny article [here]

Saturday 22 October 2016

Duncan Mighty -Janimaaah & ft Timaya - Owu


Trump and Clinton - The perfect pairing

..yet now... President Obama fully endorses her..

I will confess; I haven't watched all of the Trump - Clinton debates, so perhaps I'm 'out of touch' with the US election debacle.. but I honestly don't believe that Donald Trump was ever 'supposed' to be a serious candidate, merely appointed to assist Hilary Clinton's route into office.
What the powers that be perhaps didn't expect was the 'unique' mindset of swathes of the American population.
Many will continue to love Trump regardless of what politically incorrect statement he delivers. 'Grab em by the p***y? no problem.. ( if he's been doing it and we've heard nothing about it until now...proof is in the pudding; I guess with his money.. with some women anyway..he can)

'build a wall? lol! no problem.. 'Immigrant problem?' honestly, his tales will continue to become even more shocking as time is drawing to a close, and he needs to get out..
only.. his supporters wont let him.
Perhaps things are not going entirely to plan
The plan being that the Clintons under the guise of Hilary, are almost begged to return to the White House.

I suspect this is the most fun Trump has had since .. 'The Apprentice'

What I find more interesting is the 'Clinton Foundation' and its alleged ruthless involvement in the exploitation of Haiti.


Have a great day.. still with flu but me and little man chilling watching documentaries and writing stuff
#Lazy Saturday's sometimes feel good x

Friday 21 October 2016

Duncan Mighty - ' Certificate' album feature - ft Mama Born Dem & Oburukwelem Oma

Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu aka Duncan Mighty was born on October 28, 1983.
The sultry voiced Nigerian Musician, Singer and Producer, who hails from Obio-Akpor in Cross River State - is also fondly referred to as Port Harcourt's first son.

I began to notice his style on the track 'Jide Ofor', after which, every so often, I would attune myself to his offerings, and so far, his most recent album 'Certificate', does not disappoint.
There are a few singers that carve a special place within me; Brymo is one, and Duncan Mighty is another.

Whilst I continue to make my way through his album. I've selected two tracks that immediately stand out for me.

What I like about Duncan Mighty is his lyrical consciousness, and whilst it takes me a while to work it out (and sometimes a little extra research!) for some reason, I'm able to connect.

I'll be sure to get a little extra help with these two tracks as id like to offer a more fitting review, although... as reviews go, I've not come across a more detailed track by track review as yet.
I remain on the look out

humble yourself

Music aside...
I came across this and my liking for him increased further


Using his Instagram to speak out against child marriages the pic exposes an old man marrying a girl child which was apparently accompanied by the words..

“Please my people, lend your voices to End child marriages. Many child brides develop fistula as a result of early pregnancy that subsequently will either kill them or render them disabled for life,” he wrote alongside it. Adding, "This little child needs a PENCIL not a PENIS.” - Duncan Mighty

Seriously tho.. whose grandad is that.... Him no shame?

Nice one Duncan Mighty

Monday 17 October 2016

Becca Ft. Bisa Kdei - Beshiwo

Lovely combination

The song is apparently about love ( of course) and encourages couples to bury their differences in times of disagreements and move on with their relationship.
Beshimo meaning = 'it will pain you'
Becca talks about wanting her man to treat her well, ( and the consequences. should he not)

# bringbackourMEN

Well... it seems the Clown phase has finally hit Nigeria, after the US and London.. :-)

For a President of a country of approximately 188,336,691 half of which are men, President Buhari's comments were careless callous and unfortunate.
Considering the recent enough kidnapping of over 200 schoolgrils, in addition to many African women suffering 'domestic abuse' under the guise of culture or cultural expectations, his comments could simply cement the ignorance of many men who insist on treating women as second class citizens.
Buhari's wife is beautiful, intelligent and hardworking. To speak of his wife on the public stage such as he has, seems somewhat disrespectful

One can only hope it was said with a hint of irony and jest.
Yet the serious looking Buhari has never struck me as a man with a sense of humour .. but, perhaps I was wrong.
( he remains on my 'smile-watch' for that very reason)

In the main.. most women I know don't dont mind being in the kitchen, being the main cook, and taking care of their families etc
Yet to imply that such a role is somewhat insignificant, or therein lies the limitations of women is a bit insulting.
Consider this.. my own mother worked.. yes, but I can undoubtedly say that most of her time was spent in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning ironing and taking care of us and my dad.
Yet it was my own mother who brought his comments to my attention!

I can only assume that the Presidential adviser was away on vacation
Back to charm school! I reckon.
Although it's said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, I think it's worth a try.

#Bringbackourmen! I say... out of which there will be leaders among them

[Guardian Article]

Sunday 16 October 2016

Voice - Far From Finished

Soca is sweet... all year round

Loving this 100%..
Good afternoon and have a great day x

Saturday 15 October 2016

Heavy K - Wenza Njalo

Saturday showcase, and so much to do on this cloudy day.
Driving hypnotic beat with heavy baseline; it's a great track from Heavy K..
SA's finest
Perfect soundtrack for my Saturday

Good afternoon x
... and, as if on cue.. the sun is emerging through the clouds...

Thursday 13 October 2016

Phyno - Pino Pino

This may be one of the nicest songs I've ever heard from Phyno
Musically , its just lovely
Great Job

Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Rise of the Black Male Tory

What is the attraction between black men and the Tory party ?

I've noticed a trend whereas new black male faces in the arena of politics, tend to gravitate to the Tory party.

Somewhat intrigued..I asked a few people this evening, what they thought the Tory party stood for, and how it differs from the Labour Party, and the comments, if not surprising...were interesting

"The Tory party push the idea that if you go out and make a'll have an amazing life .. whereas Labour push that if you go out and work for'll have a 'nice' life"
" The Tory Party is the party of enterprise and growth"
"Labour is more about taking care of all... often at the expense of the rich"

The current average black man tends to be very entrepreneurial
When asked, many may tell you that they prefer not to work for anyone; perhaps that's because people tended not to want them to work for them...
..who knows.

But they have become accustomed to taking care of themselves.
With many of their women tired and frustrated at having had to carrying the sole burden, in some cases for prolonged periods, they have had a few options... but little choice.

I think it's fair to say that Labour...still has a slight image/policy problem
Many people still equate the party with huge spending on welfare, socialism and soft hearted Liberals..
Labour.. the party for the working classes.. the party of the 99%

Tony Blair changed the image of the party considerably and won 3 elections as a result
Jeremy Corbyn feels to many as a step backwards, to an un-electable 'Neil Kinnock' style past
This need not be the case.. but perception in politics is stronger than facts.

I once thought the Conservative party was rooted in conservation and minimal change, yet things have certainly changed.. less so a change of universal values, but a change with regards to the focus on financial growth and a growing sense of Nationalism.
Perhaps Tory conservation, is simply to conserve the status quo...
the class system.

Interestingly, Theresa May ( our un-elected P.M.. please remember the stick Gordon Brown got folks) speaks about wanting a fairer country. A Tory party that recognizes inequality and strives to tackle those inequalities?.. all very labour-esque.

Perhaps the 'Tory' attraction for some black men is a desire to feel as though they are moving among the higher echelons of society.
Perhaps it's a desire to shake off any unwanted 'stereotypes' of a 'difficult fella' or 'rebellious/ anti system' man.
or... maybe, those men are simply fed up of caring for others.. .especially if very few actually cared about them. Preferring an easy(er) life, and are tired of fighting a seriously skewed system.
I don't know
Perhaps the warriors... have simply left the building...
I expect the easy answer is... that I should just find a black male Tory... and ask him...

Samuel Phillip Gyimah

MP Kwasi Kwarteng

Kcee ft. Tekno – Tender

A return to Community?

I've never seen the film, 'Inside Out', but I'm always impressed by the quality and detail of animated films. The subtle, and not so subtle messages they convey, appealing to, both adults and children.
An amazing talented group of people.

As the mental health of the nation becomes an increasing concern, I was surprised to find out that the film 'Inside Out' actually touches on what it's like to live with a period of depression.

Previously I had been sent this clip by someone who suffers from anxiety. Again, very interesting.

As researchers begin to uncover the depths of this growing problem, and are resolved to finding solutions, I tend to explore the demise of our traditional communities, and find myself in agreement with this article written by George Monboit.
In the past, I have heard people refer to depression as a Western problem.
In the West, I have heard of it referred to as... a rich mans problem.

E.g , rich people have time to get depressed, whereas the poorer classes are just too busy fighting for their rights, and to put food on the table.
However, this (if it ever was) is not the case.
People.... get depressed.

Our traditional communities and our sense of community has been obliterated by years of neoliberalilsm yes, but perhaps even more importantly, we have witnessed the shift from the tangible community, to the virtual, in huge swathes.

Online communities are THE communities of our modern times. From remote villages of the Global South, to cities in the north. We are linked more than ever before, yet global loneliness continues to rise.
We make 'friends' across the globe, yet poverty increases. Our online world has sold us a dream. A dream of an ideal community, one which you can see, feel, but may struggle to touch.
Unable to take food to your 'friends', or hot 'chicken' soup if they're unwell, unable to simply 'hangout together; our global communities provide a sense of togetherness without ever really being together.
It's not all bad though, so please dont mistake my assessment for gloom, as there are definitely positives.

Progression in my opinion, is the ability to turn our virtual communities into real life communities and connections. It's a dream perhaps, but once upon a time .. so was the internet.

Our virtual communities offer a sense of belonging. You can easily find like minded people, and if lucky, reduce any feelings of social isolation; isolation which can be, and if often caused by societies commitment to classism, racism, ageism, and gender bias.
You can meet great people who become great friends, and an important part of your life.

We live in a world where communitarianism is cast aside in favour of a self serving and self pleasuring way of life. Governments have reduced spending on adult education and communities for that very reason; the main reason remaining that 'communities' equate to a sense of 'people power' and governments tend not to be in favour of such a concept. The global south continues to live a more traditional community focused life. Life in Africa for example, is very much an extended friends and family affair, with networks, tribes, and links which yes, have their drawbacks, but in the main, definitely produces positives.

A way of life in Africa ( or the global south) is a way of life we have struggled to sustain here in the global north.
Yet beware.
However, that way of life in places like Africa, will be, and is at risk. As Mark Zuckerberg continues to visit Africa and further extend his reach, communities there, will soon become a mass of virtual communities before our very eyes. Communities will become further divided by those who can afford the modern gadgets required to access this world, and those who cannot.
This will further divide the poorest in society whilst the richest ( or policy makers and 'leaders') will undoubtedly remain untouched.

The only way to subvert this potential catastrophe, is a return to traditional communitariansim; and traditional community development. To understand fully the virtues of socialism, ( or neo socialism) once more, and to learn once again, that we are truly interdependent.

Virtual communities work best when balanced by traditional communities.
As we witness the rise in mental health issues, it should be a warning that selfishness or a lack of investment in communities really isn't the best way forward for any of us.
Let's hope that we find a way back to recognizing that the 'traditional community' has the potential of a powerful family, with a wealth of resources.. yet we should not 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'.

You may disagree with me... if you dare :)
[Click for Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson]

Sunday 9 October 2016

Tiwa Savage Ft. Busy Signal - Key To The City Remix

Jamaica - Lagos

'Shedding the stigma': October 10th marks World Mental Health Day.

Monday 10th October marks World Mental Health Awareness day, with a focus on Psychological 1st Aid

There remains a stigma attached to mental health; an accepted ignorance, in addition to assumptions which are more often than not, far from the truth.
We live in a society which tends to 'hide' away those who are mentally unwell, within centers or hospitals.
Whilst there are attempts to (re)integrate those who have suffered more extreme mental health conditions it remains the case that the process is thwart with difficulty.

Interestingly enough, I have witnessed those experiencing mental illness interact very well with each other, almost as though somehow operating on a very different physiological plane to those we consider mentally stable. They understand.. each other..

Mental illness is often perceived as scary because it's misunderstood.
No one fully understands the complexity of the brain
Black people have been known to have face a tough time in the UK with regards to mental health treatment and were quickly institutionalized. It's my hope that with more nurses and doctors hailing from a similar ethnic background that this, has now changed

Mental health, despite societies attempts to push it aside ...affects us all.

Not only are we responsible for doing our best to take care of our own mental health, but we also have a duty to take care of the mental health of those around us... of others. This knowledge should present itself in the way you treat people in general, the way you interact, and your ability to show kindness, empathy.. and basically... as the scientists say.. not be an arse. ( so to speak)

Some of the most amazing people that I've ever met have informed me that they have experienced some form of mental ill health at some point in their lives.
You dont need to hear voices
you dont need to be claim dual or multiple personalities
You dont need to experience extreme paranoia
to be mentally unwell.

It can creep up on you when you least expect it.
The stresses of life, especially in these modern times can often be a catalyst for a period of un-wellness

It's my hope that we will all take the time to think about how we impact on own mental health or the mental health and well being of those around us, and.. if required, make the necessary changes

Be the best human you can be I say...
Don't wait until it happens to a close friend or family member to be empathetic..
be cool about it.. no one is perfect... but we can at least try and help to rid this world of the stigma associated with mental ill health. [click]

After all.. we live in a world of brawling UKIP politicians and a Trump ( and ahem Clinton) vying for president... so you tell me...why not? :)
I jest of course.. have a great day x.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Christopher Martin - Stop

Good morning x
an 'no mind no badmind..'

..'See Martin ya'

Holy shit didn't expect that intro ... lol!

Monday 3 October 2016

9ice - Ogara

I found this translation.. the author apologizes for any inaccuracy...

'Ancestor, ati Cabasa, coded tunes, alapomeji
Ancestor, Cabasa,

Agbatan la n gba omo Ole baba ( A lazy man has to be completely helped)
Ise ta ba fi ran e o’gara (Any assignment for you is tough)
Awon temi ni gboro won para (my people in the streets are getting angry)
Won ni ko dami loun kiakia (They say you should answer them quickly)
Osha ti ri pe mo capable (You’ve seen that im capable)
I want to be unstoppable
Ninalowo Im available (Money is to be spent, Im available)
O’gara baba o’gara (Its tough baba, Its tough)

Manner from heaven yi ma dun, Baba, Baba O dun (This manner from heaven is sweet)
Favour from heaven yi ma po, Baba O po (This favour from heaven is much)
Baba jewo agbara re o, dakun wa le (2x) (Baba please prove yourself and come down)
My will no pure like a prodigal son
But you don’t care, na me you favour
Ever since gongo aso
People dey wait for another favour
You lead the way, I follow go
Anything you say, I obey o
Emi la o ni yo si? Baa she fe o ri, beena lo ri (Why wont we celeberate?, what we wished for has finally happened)


Verse 2
E ranti jona ninu omi? (You remember Jonah in the sea?)
Ninu Eja (In the belly of the Shark)
Baba lo ni ipa ati agbara (God alone has the power and might)
Unto Him I surrender
Won ni mo n so woto (The say im blabbling)
Wowo woro bi eni to je lotto (Twiddling like someone who just won a lotto)
I know what I’m going through
E be like soja man koboko (Just like a soldier’s horsewhip)
I dey sweat, I dey cry but e no dey show
I dey fast, I dey pray for my tomorrow
I wan to dey give, I no wan borrow
Ta ba jeko, a dari ji ewe o (we eat pap-pudding in a leaf and not the leaf)
Make you bless me make den know
Rumour mongers I Go bury them
Noise-makers I go maichonu dem
Baba tete she, iwo l’atobiju (Baba please prove yourself, you are the greatest)


Verse 3
Igba kan, mo ti shan ko lo ri (Once upon a time, I wandered about aimlessly)
Igba kan, mo je ko lo bi eran to so nu (Once upon a time, I wondered away like a lost goat)
So fun ti o ba sina ri (Tell me if you’ve not been lost before)
Ese Odo bi oba lo n yo (So many mistakes during youthful days)
Even bus conductor get ambition
All you need is some foundation
Don’t give room for omission
Don’t listen to speculation
Listen to your heart, na your motivation
Almighty God na your solution

Chorus (2x)
Agbatan la n gba omo Ole baba ( A lazy man has to be completely helped)
Ise ta ba fi ran e o’gara (Any assignment for you is tough)
Awon temi ni gboro won para (my people in the streets are getting angry)
Won ni ko dami loun kiakia (They say you should answer them quickly)
Osha ti ri pe mo capable (You’ve seen that im capable)
I want to be unstoppable
Ninalowo Im available (Money is to be spent, Im available)
O’gara baba o’gara (Its tough baba, Its tough)

Baba o, Baba o baba o
Ancestor, O sha ti ri

Good morning....

Saturday 1 October 2016

Half of a Yellow Sun

Adapted from the book written by the excellent author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Originally published in 2006, I enjoyed the book immensely, possibly preferring it to the film somewhat
I first saw the film whilst attending at a screening at the BFI a few years back...
I'm certainly no expert on Nigeria's seemingly complex history, far from it, less so with regards to the Politics of the country..
Make no mistake though, this is a film and not a documentary (although it does incorporate some documentary footage), so artistic licence and creativity take center stage.
My initial impressions on watching were just how 'English' the leading family (and ladies) came across. The location is stunning though, and the film is beautifully shot in places
A good watch none the less
[and many thanks for the upload!]

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

Chimamanda - "I wrote this novel because I wanted to write about love and war, because I grew up in the shadow of Biafra, because I lost both grandfathers in the Nigeria-Biafra war, because I wanted to engage with my history in order to make sense of my present, many of the issues that led to the war remain unresolved in Nigeria today, because my father has tears in his eyes when he speaks of losing his father, because my mother still cannot speak at length about losing her father in a refugee camp, because the brutal bequests of colonialism make me angry, because the thought of the egos and indifference of men leading to the unnecessary deaths of men and women and children enrages me, because I don’t ever want to forget. I have always known that I would write a novel about Biafra. At 16, I wrote an awfully melodramatic play called For Love of Biafra. Years later, I wrote short stories, That Harmattan Morning, Half of a Yellow Sun and Ghosts, all dealing with the war. I felt that I had to approach the subject with little steps, paint on a smaller canvas first, before starting the novel".
[click for full interview]