Sunday 31 May 2020

Odunsi - Star Signs ft. Runtown

Weekend WOW Factor: The Ways of Man - The Colonizer & the Colonized

I felt many things as I watched the video of George Floyd being murdered by the police.
No profanity (although I will try today) can do justice in describing the worthless scum that felt the need - or the 'right' to take a man's life with impunity.

George Floyd

Even worse however, was the accomplice in front.
'The Overseer'.

You see, I've seen that nasty arrogant look before.
The look that little dick twats, or tiny titty wretches display when they have even a smidgen, of power.
That could be the power to jump a queue, fail and exam paper, exclude a student from school, exclude a person from employment or simply deny them in the 1st place, or, take a life.
The very air you breathe.

Power corrupts
Absolute power corrupts absolutely

That parts of America burns right now is no surprise
That aspects of the media are focusing on looting, and what I heard stated as 'lawless thugs' again is no surprise
That President Trump made the statement that 'when the looting starts - the shooting starts' is no surprise.
That our fellow Africans who run to the West, and America in particular, in search of the 'American dream' are noticeably quiet - again is no surprise.

The white-washing of history has resulted in an ignorance among my people that is costly at best, and soul crushing at worse.

The 'system' was never designed for those considered less than human
The capitalist system was never designed for anything other than the production of wealth, for profit for the few.

If you're black and so called working class in ANY country in the West. you must know that you remain in a very fragile position.
If you're black and so called 'middle class, don't be delusional
You too, are in a fragile position.

Whilst you are welcome to fight in wars you didn't start, or build roads you may never drive on, or serve in restaurants you possibly could afford to eat in
You remain dispensable - disposable

While your own lands remain open to all 'western foreigners' you will always be a 'foreigner to the hate filled racists who believe in antiquated and totally insane racial classifications and hierarchies, where, black people... remain at the bottom.

17th century racist hierarchy designed by the possibly cocaine induced mentally ill, to protect and camouflage said mental illness or addictions, with so called theoretical ideologies - fit surely, only, by now, in this modern era..... for the trash heap.

Whilst some early thinkers such as Marx and Lenin may have provided insight into capitalism and the classist society, and the benefits of socialism - they had little to say of intersectionality
....scrap that - they had little to say on the plight of the black man.
...because to be black, by default,meant - you could not be a man - (hu-man)

Let those who promote and excuse white privalesge continue to do so.
But the thread is un-ravelling as perhaps finally now - the 'colonized' have reached a tipping point

'Nothing will change' my sister said
but she was wrong
'How many more people have to die?' - she asked
I don't know - but I do know we are no longer in chains....and for some of us at least, we have begun the essential task - of truly decolonizing our minds

I have nothing to say to apologists of so called white supremacy of ANY race or nationality

The 'I don't see colour brigade' or the 'hmmm how do you know it's racism orchestra'

Doctor: 'How do you know you have diarrhoea? and would you recognise it if it happened again?'
Great, now F*** off.

My Social media is often flooded with footage of black men, women, and children as young as 8yrs, being beaten and assaulted by one US police department or another, even before this recent incident.
In the Land of blind - the one eyed man is King

So I try to retain my cool and my own mental well being - to be able to think clearly

Many will continue to fight for America - for the UK
But why fight for something that can never be yours anyway - much more - do you even want it?

This is an African question that only an African can answer.

Should the situation in America continue with no arrests, or murder change, and the African Union remain silent, that institution will have effectively and utterly failed its people - and Nkruma would be justified to turn in his grave.

Yesterday was Biafra Remembrance Day - a war aided by Britain which killed an estimated 3 million people, many were children who died of starvation due to food blockades

A country whose citizens are so divided right now, many would rather run to America or the UK to toil for former colonizers or enslavers, only to risk ending up just like George Floyd.
Tis the way of the colonizsed....

It is true - Common sense really isn't common
In fact - it's as rare as the rarest gem in the deepest part of the Congo.
A country that is being raped daily by greedy Western lawless bandits - who will later preach on integrity, on god, on prosperity, development, civility, and ingenuity.

Liars thieves and murderers may make happy bed fellows
But I can't stand either one

One of these days their evil ways will be their undoing

Good evening x

Weekend Tings

I have a new raised bed, in which I've planted two varieties of Kale, and a few random veg seeds altogether providing 4 rows.

I feel so good when I have a new raised bed.
Filled with potential and possibilities.

My shallots are showing signs of life and coming through under the netting, and I've tied some rope for my runner beans to aid their direction . I pretty much spent all day out in the garden yesterday and couldn't believe how fast the time went by.

I can listen to my EFF lectures, enjoy some music, or whatever else I fancy, and totally enjoy my time..

Good afternoon x

Dr Ndlozi

Sunday 24 May 2020

One Away - Sizzla

Weekend Tings

Did you watch the Breakfast Club Interview with Joe Biden?

Well... tuns out he's quite a talkative fella - who knew
I used to enjoy the Biden Obama memes, but that's another story
Joe Biden said to Charlemagne tha God that if he's still working out whether to vote for him or Trump he aint black...

He has since apologised - but I'm still trying to work out what he meant
Seriously - how so?

Is it the presumption that African Americans vote Democrat - much in the way it's sometimes assumed that Black people in the UK will vote Labour?
Trump, Bump, Biden Spy-dem or Obama
African Americans remain disproportionately worse off in America than any other group of people
Even without Police brutality

When did Joe Biden become the MLK for African Americans he seems to think he may be?! - perhaps the same time a 'software designer' became a doctor?
This lockdown got some of us in a tail spin


My tree is to be pruned
I have actually become quite attached to this tree, but only learnt it's a Maple from the tree surgeon, who also pointed out a baby cherry tree and so much more which has been kindly dropped into my soil by birds.

Every morning when I wake - this tree is the 1st thing I see ( when I look out)
So whilst I want it pruned - I don't want it harmed.
Overall, Its been a musical - gardening - learning kinda weekend. I planted out a new bed of Shallots and onions - bit late, but hopefully should be okay


I'm now in study/chill out mode so...

Produced By Bobby

Good evening x

Weekend WOW Factor : Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

I too love

Bounty Vs Beenie

The morning after...

Entertaining to the Max
Two Reggae Dancehall Legends
As Bounty said - 'One King one God' lol

For my money - Bounty took it, - but hey, The entire clash was phenomenal
One of the best lockdown events

Bobby Digital

R.I.P to the Legend that was - Bobby Digital
Reggae Producer extraordinaire.

The reggae industry will forever credit Digital B for so much, including producing what is arguably, (but for me anyway) - Sizzla's finest ever album

Bobby Bobby Bobby, Your legacy will live on


Saturday 9 May 2020

Fally Ipupa - Aime-moi

Weekend WOW Factor : Sunny Saturday at Home

Salmon and a few veggie burgers on the grill on a nice sunny day, is a pretty nice way to spend an afternoon at home
That, and good music of course.

Ordinarily I would throw away the ash at the end of BBQ'n , but I watched a video recently which said it can be used in the garden so, will be doing that instead.

Today I made a Lentil Curry, Rice, Fried Chilly Peppers, Kalonji (Nigella seeds) potatoes, with Chia and Cumin seeds, really quick, and really tasty.

Kelly Rowland - COFFEE

M.anifest - We no dey hear ft. Kelvyn Boy & Kel-P

Sunday 3 May 2020

Weekend WOW Factor : 'The Good Immigrant ' ft music by Tekno - Sudden

There is a video doing the rounds entitled ' You clap for me now'
Inspired by this video is an article I read recently in the 'Independent' entitled..
'You clap for me now, but in a few months it will be racism as usual'

This article is written by Kuba Stand-Baptiste, with regards to our recent expressions of thanks for health care workers, and carers alike.

The article grieves me.

Racism has always been the elephant in the room
Which may actually be an unfair analogy as elephants are absolutely stunningly beautiful creatures, where as racism, is not.

The book and Sunday Tines bestseller entitled, Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race' adequaltey sums up the feeling many visibly Black African heritage people feel, as to constantly feeling under attack, marginalised, silenced, or ridiculed, which is damaging to ones physical and mental health.

During this pandemic, many have felt a loss of their personal freedoms with lockdown imposed across the country and indeed across the world
For others, who have experienced what it is like to live as an ethnic minority, it's a familiar feeling.
What the article doesn't highlight however, is that not all 'minorities' are created equal.

When we speak of ethnic minority groups , it would be disingenuous to suggest that an individual of Polish , Lithuanian, Chinese, or Turkish decsent (for example) will have experienced racism to the levels that those of an African heritage.
In fact it would be fair to say that even so called minorities of European or even Asian descent, have expressed knowingly or unknowingly, alarming racism to those of a darker hue.

If I refer momentarily to the England football team for example, some of the worst demonstrations of a racist nature have happened when playing European teams
Is it correct therefore, to place these groups together, when dealing with issues of racism that African heritage minority ethnic groups face?

Regardless, the entire thing pains me, that after years of my own parents generation being the 'good immigrant'
It seems that very little has changed.

The relationship that many 'immigrants ( or those viewed as immigrants) have with the society in which they live, can be defined as a some-what narcissistic one
You give your more to receive your less
Anyone who has experienced life with a narcissist, will know how damaging that can be.

Good morning x

The Good Immigrant : A Review

Saturday 2 May 2020

Weekend WOW Factor: The Plant with No Name

I must confess...I can't remember what I planted here. I don't recognise the leaves, so I guess it will be a nice surprise.
As I cant remember what it is, I've no idea if the leaves are supposed to look this yellow!

My mint is growing bigger each day, and the strawberry plants are also doing quite well. I'm pleased, as previously they haven't done very well at all.

The 'greens' are coming up, and with the added bonus of rainy days and lovely sunshine, they should continue to do so.

On the other side I have some ( still small) Rhubarb, carrots, and peas. No sign of the aubergine , so I may have to try that again.

I cleaned my car inside and out early this morning, then my housework, all accompanied by what is a favourite song of mine at the moment.

Good evening x.