Monday 29 June 2020

Why India's Fair Skin Business Is Booming +


London Staycations by PassportHeavy

Ghana Prints

I love everything about summer, including getting to wear my African print outfits.
I had these trousers ( It's a suit actually) made in Ghana in 1 day, not only do they still fit, but they actually fit even better now. Tiny bit snug(ish) after 3 years ( and a lockdown) - but nice nonetheless.

Afro Jay - Tatizo

I'm really looking forward to going to Tanzania, and South Africa. It's incredibly special, and also important to follow your souls desires in life. I hope that this pandemic ( even if only in some small way) has helped to clarify things that perhaps you were previously unclear about.

I'm loving this song - and a couple of new reads before heading to bed
Currently reading Steve Biko by Tendayi Sithole - alongside Hustle Harder, by Curtis Jackson aka 50cent - both excellent

Stay sweet x