Sunday 31 August 2014

Induku Enhle-Bucie ft Demor Sikhosana

I had one of the best days yesterday..and everyone enjoyed the food. All the family were together, minus a few who unfortunately couldn't make it. We even got my mum dancing. The Prince met everyone, and his friend was a nice guy :).
Ti definitely enjoyed his pre 21st birthday bash
.. and today.. is sunny and bright..

Have a nice day all x

Friday 29 August 2014

Jungle - Jah9

Hope my big sister enjoyed her Birthday
Another year older, another year wiser..wishing you happy days and much more x
This intro reminds me of a Bob Marley song but i cant remember which one it is..

Vixen - Gyptian ft Angela Hunte

Jhene Aiko... and some Friday stuff

It's Friday. I'm up and the sun is out.
I've got to return and collect a new Gazebo as the one I bought will not cooperate. Wonder how I should present. Like an understanding consumer?, or a really disgusted and ticked off one.. (just for fun of course)

Then, I'm off to pick up my box of Snapper, and that I do believe that, is that. Got a day of cooking prep ahead, but.. I intend to do it with style. I'm gonna wear my favourite shoes, and whatever outfit makes me look and feel nicest
I'll get some help later but I know my friend..she's a late person .. and I don't do last minute dot com's. I'll cut her some slack though because she has to work today, and I don't.
Will pop by mum she's how she's doing with my chicken order.
The minor Prince upset passed quite quickly.. only wish the Ebola outbreak would do the same

I told Ti I had wanted to visit near that region next year, and he said.. you crazy?'re not going anywhere
I have faith it will all be sorted by then
Have a great day all.. hoping for a better weekend

Catching up with more Key & Peele

These guys....

Thursday 28 August 2014

Miss miserable

The weather is messing with me.
I struggled to sleep last night and this morning have woken up with a horrible headache. Outside looks so dark and gloomy. It's depressing.
I really am a summer (or at least a sunshine) person. All this damp and dark British weather is making me feel as though I'm in an episode of Sherlock .. back in the olden days.
I kinda hate it. Can i say that?..

This is the real me....and yes, I am yellow

I've got some windows to clean out back and I really don't fancy doing that in the rain or the cold..
My banana plant is unable to release the final bananas because of the wet and cold weather, and the ones that are out can no longer grow.

I'm not surprised people drink.
It's deeply unsatisfying weather
They say it may warm up next week. Well.. I'll be back at work and the air conditioning will rid me of any outside warmth, so makes little difference there.

Maybe i'll cheer up as the day goes on.
Maybe i'll immigrate someday
Yes... maybe


The other thing is the Prince and I upset each other. It wasn't an actual argument or anything, I got upset about something and then he snapped at me!, so I got more upset. ( because he was upset) That was a 1st, he's normally quiet and just doesn't say anything.. til calm. That way he doesn't say the wrong thing. I think I prefer it like that.
So I'm upset about that
It's the weather I tell you.. it's like Satan ( nope nothing to do with us at all :)

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Diamond Iyanya Shetta

Nice beat ..different kinda Diamond here

Dorobucci - Offical Video

I began my summer break with this song.. so now, here's the video, as I approach the end of it. Hope you enjoy :)

I made some Guinness Punch last night.. woke up and it's all gone.... just an empty bottle greeted me

'African Prince doro..'

F**k Gentrification.. or at least redefine it

So , what is it?.
It's not Development.. is it?.. if so , we have a word for that.. Development
It's not Renovation .. is it? , if so.. we have a word for that too.. Renovation
and I... am a fan of both.

On the news last night I watched the 'Hackney Heroine' talk about the changes taking place in Hackney. She said the changes taking place in the borough were pushing out' local residents.. and killing community spirit ( I'm paraphrasing). I wanted to say to her... ' Interesting sentiment, but you've got no chance..'
Anyway.. she made me think

Pauline Pearce aka the 'Hackney Heroine'

The economic inequality caused by years of racism is possibly more obvious when areas such as the one I live in undergo, what people tend to call Gentrification.
I'm not a fan of the word ( I think I've said before)
It's a loaded term, and by that I mean it's a term which refers to whiteness, cultural imperialism, and white supremacy...all be it.. Indirectly.

As when a group of people have been historically denied access to jobs , decent wages, investment, and a fair deal.. one possible impact is that they may continue to struggle financially to make up for lost time. Potentially anyway, at least, it's logical is it not?.. especially if said discrimination continues, all be it in a less overt form. That group I'm referring to, is non-white.

Wikis definition of Gentrification is ..

'Gentrification is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values'.

another online definition is..

..'a process by which middle-class people take up residence in a traditionally working-class area of a city, changing the character of the area'

Nothing is said of Whiteness, or segregation. Definitions tend to skip that bit.

Gentrification was once associated with nobility.. spoke of a particular social class.
I think we should stop using the word to describe what is a dominant group exerting economic power in areas where they may have once run away from. Perhaps we should call it 'Economic 'Racial' Apartheid'.. or even 'White flight back'
It asks a different set of questions of us if nothing else

OTT?.. Hmmm, me? .. Never!. Seriously?.. I don't quite think so.
Some say it's a class war.. but you cannot fully separate 'race and class'. Although you can try.

The Substitute Teacher

This made me laugh this morning
'... son of a....You say your name right.. right now!'

'Insubordinate.. an churlish'...


Tuesday 26 August 2014

The best in me - Marvin Sapp

The funeral for Michael Brown was streamed yesterday so I was able to watch. I caught the Eulogy delivered by Rev Al Sharpton which was really something.
Yes, It was strong.
One thing that stood out for me was when he said.. and I'm probably paraphrasing...
'Some of us are too heavenly bound.. to be any earthy good'..
Reminding us, I guess to be weary of using religion as a form of escapism.. hiding place, or even.. an excuse
'What did you do?'.. he asked

It pleases me that the family are getting support, as what they have had to deal with is beyond words. It was very moving, very sad.. and profound.

The words of this song as simple as they are, made me think. How fortunate we are to have someone willing to see the best in us, when everyone else can only see, or only desires to see.. the worst.

I said to a friend last week. I don't care which day you observe the Sabbath.. makes no difference to me.. and has little bearing on the content of your character
We have seen enough to know.
I was referring not to him in particular.. but in general. Could be anyone.

Jah Cure - Mother Earth

Love Solider - Dora Martin


Monday 25 August 2014

What's Up - 'The Mighty Diamonds'

The Mighty Diamonds featured in my dream last night. Well.. their music did, don't ask me why, I think I was at school or something For the life of me, I'm not even 100% sure which two songs ..

I think this was one though..

the other.. is a mystery
but I like these anyway.. a few less commonly heard ones

Sunday 24 August 2014

Saturday 23 August 2014

Sometimes you gotta.. 'Walk it out' - J Hudson

Often the best dates are walks
Often the best moments cost nothing
Happy weekend all x

The Rageh Omaar Report - From Minneapolis to Mogadishu

From a few years back


and then... I looked for some music

Iman Elman at TEDxMogadishu

I don't quite understand the audience at times. It's not a sitcom.

Anyway.. that aside..Is it the case that the EU( European Union) have trained the SNA? ( Somalian National Army) or at least played a significant part in their training. I wonder sometimes, how difficult it must be to fight your own people.

A question she was asked was, if she wanted to join the army why did she not join the army in the country she as raised. ( in her case Canada) That's an interesting question. But I guess it shows that the same passion and attachment that may inspire a person to help to rebuild their country of origin, could equally inspire them to fight for it.
Although this talk is aimed at highlighting the gender issue.. ( and how difficult it can be for a woman undertaking what's often seen as a mans role) I thought it was an intersting insight into identity and nationhood

Everlasting love - Romain Virgo

Chronixx on the Tonight show - Here comes trouble

Too tired or too wired to sleep..

and I'm not sure which it is
I'll be back at work soon, and today I feel anxious. I'm not sure if it's linked.
I hope not

I'm wondering... have I done enough with my time?.. maybe I need more time.. how will I manage..

I was laying in bed last night and I realized that, I had really wanted to wrap everything up.. all loose ends, during this month. August. I wanted to have completed my dissertation, cemented and be in full control of my love life, bought a new wardrobe, redecorated my home, set up a business.. planned my overseas destination for next year.. and begun at least.. to change the world. ( for the better of course) all.... in 4 weeks.

Well...I have completed some things, but not all.
That makes me feel like I've failed in my mission... aka.. I'm a failure.

Now I know that is not true, but it's how I feel if, or when, I don't accomplish what I set out to. You may ask.. did I set realistic expectations?.. to me.. yes .. they are realistic.. was the time frame realistic?.. again.. to me ... yes, yes, and yes :)

Anyway. if I focus on the positives, I know that I'm much closer now than I've been in years to things being the way I want them to be with regards to my life, and I recognize that. Or at least.. I feel as though I'm on the right road for me
If I stupidly or naively compare my life to others... I mess up
So..I just need to calm down, relax, and have more faith perhaps.

Today I need to buy some really big pots for next week. I'm having a BBQ for Ti's 21st..and to wave off the end of the summer break, and my academic deadline. and I'm kinda fretting about my cooking skills. I can cook, but this'll test me a bit
.. and i'm nervous because the Prince is bringing a friend
Who knew booze was so expensive?

Thursday 21 August 2014

Fally ft Olivia from the album.. Arsenal de Belles Melodies..

Also from the album..

Squeezing drops of sunshine.. ft Wizboyy Ice Prince and Timaya

I love Timaya's voice

Oh I gotta tell you this... some guy thought I was 25 yesterday.. 25!!.. hot damn. I told him I was * cough* 40 ( oh well..why confuse the matter huh) lol!!. He just kept staring at me as if to try and find it!.
okay people.. you don't necessarily wear age like a jacket
said he's tryna get his PhD before he's 40 as he wants to work for the UN in Nigeria. I laughed. He's 33. I told him he had plenty of time. Funny guy. Old head on young shoulders

..that Noko cartoon..

careful what you wish for.. :)

..on domestic violence

So.. mental and verbal abuse is to be treated with the same severity as physical abuse when it comes to domestic violence.
Often, the mental abuse lasts far longer than the bruises and scars.
Mental abuse can make a person fear thier own freedom.
It's a vicious cycle.
That said...
I had a conversation recently about this and it was clear that some cultures do not recognize or treat domestic violence as domestic violence.
This is true of women, and men
For some, it's a mans right.. it's a family matter.. family dispute.. and should be dealt with and remain 'contained' within the family as a family mater.
To report such a thing to the 'authorities' would be an outrage

Therefore, perhaps what's required is education and training...cultural change, criminalizing men ( or women) is not always the best way forward.
Some may need to be locked up for sure. But others may just need to rethink the true value of women..
.. and that includes women also.

I wondered also..
is lying and/or cheating on your 'partner' a form of mental abuse?

..being honest about white supremacy

A blog post this morning, and recent events involving what I call police brutality on black men, had me wondering about a recent'ish' (last year) debate on adoption. In short, the debate was that it doesn't matter the 'racial' background of the parents, or child, as what's important is that a loving home is found.
It is true, a loving home is what is important.

The debate focused on the fact that 'black' children are often having to wait longer in 'care', and unfortunately, are less likely to be adopted unlike white children, who they (the authorities) find 'easier to place'.

There was also a heated TV debate in which a black man who was raised by white parents was adamant that it doesn't matter.
That said, what do you think?

and...why would white parents adopt a black child?
Would it ( 'racial background' ) be more of a concern if it were black parents adopting a white child?. ( Knowing that black people often have to deal with subtle and not so subtle racism, - which could also have an economic impact - would it deny the white child easy access to white privilege?.. disadvantage them by proxy ;) ..) or... would it not matter at all?

How do white parents explain racism?. How would they feel about, and explain, recent incidents of black men dying as a result of excessive force used by police, whether through 'restraint', or the gun.
Is it not important therefore, that white parents adopting black children have a grasp on these issues, and do not try to pretend they do not exist?. Would it not be more harmful to whitewash over cultural or ethnic differences?

I would hope that white parents who adopt black children are aniti racists, have an understanding of how white supremacy operates in today's society, and have a grasp on the ways in which racism and racist thought practice and attitudes, collude and conspire to make it a cultural norm. I would also hope that they not only understand it, but condemn it.

.. that said... in my opinion, that applies to black parents also.
Black parents should not be afraid to speak the truth about what they know. Feigning ignorance about white supremacy, is not bliss..

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Rock Paper Scissors

just too trigger happy - again


Tell you something.. I saw my mum yesterday and she looked at me and said... What's really going on in the world?..' and in all seriousness she looked straight at me and actually waited for me to answer lol!
Errr..I need you to help me cook some food for my BBQ?


DJ Ganyani ft Mlu and Big Nuz - 'Be There' more Big Nuz and Udu

This song is really sweet..
Nice summer feel.
As I look outside my window, it looks and feels as though we're saying goodbye to summer. I don't ever wanna say goodbye to summer

Good morning all x

Okay.. I love the shield. If anyone is going to SA..i'll take a black and cream one please :)

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Music. - Konshnes

"Without this music in my soul.. I don't know what I would do..."

*Love music. love life. respect music. respect life*
Good morning all. have a blessed dayx

Monday 18 August 2014

Thoughts on a Monday - ft Mafikizolo Ft. Uhuru - plus some Heavy K

Monday already. still..I crammed in quite a bit today.
Last night I finished painting one room. I wont tackle the other room until perhaps Weds/Thurs. It wasn't as much fun as I'd hoped, although I'm pleased with the end result.

I intend to do very little for the remainder of today.

These tracks below have really enhanced my summer break. I love them both. #thankyoumafikizoloandheavyk

Now....I've had a few things on my mind today.. some things I've been mulling over a bit longer

Thing number 1, is the Ebola outbreak. I really don't know what to make of it. I get news updates on my phone ( because I just cant get enough huh) and last night (or night before) it was reported that a hospital in Monrovia, capital of Liberia was raided, and items taken included used ( and possibly infected ) bedding.

There are a number of reasons why this outbreak has concerned me.
Reasons include.. It's a terrible thing.
..then there's the question.. why now?
Also, I was considering taking a trip next year to one of those regions, Liberia or Sierra Leone, which looks highly unlikely now under the circumstances... (just have to wait and see) and also because of just how quickly it appears to have spread. Then... there's the previously untested vaccines that may possibly now be tested on those who appear to have the virus.
How we test drugs will be an issue for many, ( especially those against animal testing) but I'm uneasy about the entire thing. I'm aware that historically, there have been incidents of Africans being used as human 'guinea pigs' for medical research in the past without their knowledge. That's all.

On the other hand, It could all be innocent and well meaning. I'm aware of that too.
Truth is... there is very little choice but to go with whatever help is on offer.
I listen out for updates, but aside from the morbid almost orgasmic fascination of some virologists I've seen being interviewed, (I simply can't share thier excitement).
Its a scary, and horrible thing.
I pray for all those affected, that they get well, and this thing can be brought under control.. fast.

Years of war will destroy a country's infrastructure, result in a need to rebuild, a need of investment that's for sure, and health care is probably top of that list at the moment.

It's a shame that those who make a fortune from mineral rich African countries don't invest more in the places (and people) that make their dreams come true. #justsaying

The other thing that irked me was the news that the 18year old Michael Brown was shot by the Police officer about six times.
No community, should have to go through that pain.
six times.
Someone mentioned to me today.. I wonder how the officer is, how he and his family are coping.
No idea.. I said.

Top tune, plus I quite enjoyed this video mix - you probably recognize loads of these clips, I recognize some but not all

one more for good measure. Solid.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Reggae Dancehall Sunday Special - I- Octane

Yes, I like I-Octane.
My top dancehall artist right now, aside from Tommy Lee
and me.. very handsome.. sooo cute :)

Love this so much.. 'million miles..'

Couple years back. delivers this well..

Why I always remember August 29th..

It's hard to believe that 5 years has passed since Michael Jackson died.

I do believe that the 29th August would have seen him turn 56.
He shared a birthday with my older sister you see.. and, as shes drummed into me many times.. Lenny Henry (also to turn 56)

Anyway.. To kick start the run up to what would have been his 56th birthday... and to kick start my big sister's and Lenny's pending special days...
It's 'Love never felt so good'

White protest

I saw a report on the news last week about Heathrow Protesters, ( Protesting against a 3rd Runway at the Airport) and was amazed to see how much the camp had grown, and how settled they had become.
I wondered how they were able to simply 'occupy' a piece of land and not get moved on..
What.. no teargas?.. no curfew? No batons? rubber bullets? evictions? police on horses?..Police?

Where has the money come from to sustain this 'lifestyle' I wondered, do they have jobs?

So many questions..
Then I wondered.. Is this an example of White Privilege?

Has the right to protest become an issue of 'race'

I thought about protests undertaken by predominantly ' black communities' usually after what appears to be a very serious miscarriage of justice.
For example.. I thought about Smiley Culture , Mark Duggan and more recently what's happening in Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown [click]
.. and what a difference.

Often these people are made to feel as if they have no right.. somehow.. they are at fault. thier protests are 'racialized' very quickly. these are, after all.. the passionate, violent and emotional minorities.. being a common

We've heard of White flight.. ( Where if an area starts to look as though to many black or brown people are moving in, the white people move out.. honest... its been studied a few times. It's quite disgusting actually)
I guess people don't like feeling like a minority huh

But are we missing White Protest?.
These 'eco' protests are not what I would call essential protests, yet they are treated very seriously, and have the potential to enact political change.
How come?

I'm very skeptical.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Football's back again - ft Christopher Martin.. 'Change your Life'

I thought it was a mistake..! Thought you had to pay for Sky Sports..!..Thought there was a glitch in the system.. Then Ti said no. Everyone gets a freebie today for the start of the Premier League..!
For real?

So it was Arsenal and a victory all the way. 2-1 Result!


I'm almost finished painting, kinda tired now though and keen to stop. That's the thing about decorating, I start off really enthusiastic but underestimate the work involved. Then I just really wanna bail out. Still.. It's looking good if I say so myself. better than it was that's for sure.

Doing lots of 'boy stuff' today huh,
Oh well.. balance up the 'girly shopping' I did earlier.

I have this vision in my head that I've got to see through... for some reason
So.. I'm gonna do the last bits, enjoy some good tunes, and not lose sight of what makes me smile

If I gave my heart to you - Maxi Priest - It's my Saturday morning vibes

This was was originally written and recorded by John Mclean over at Ariwa Sounds. Mad Professor's Studios.
I once had the pleasure of hearing it in the studio even before it came out
It became such a huge tune of the time..
It's really great that Maxi has now recorded it
I've fallen in love with it all over again
.. and it's a pretty good question....

'Good morning... Vietnam' (RIP Robin)

Wake up London.. sun's out!

Friday 15 August 2014

The new scramble for Africa


'Decades after the European powers carved up the African continent for their own imperial needs, Africa is undergoing a new wave of resource and strategic exploitation – some are calling it the new scramble for Africa.

The United States is increasing its footprint across Africa with AFRICOM, fighting terrorism and ensuring stability are the trumpeted motivations. Resource security is a more hushed objective.

But it is not just about the US.

During the last decade, China's trade with Africa not only caught up with America's, it has more than doubled it.

The new battle for Africa does not deploy strong-arm tactics, it is now a soft power game: economic and humanitarian aid, interest-free loans, preferential trade agreements and investments in infrastructure are currency across a continent that is, for the world's established and emerging powers, seemingly up for grabs.

India, Brazil and Russia are all invested in Africa's present and future, and old imperial powers like France are fixing to retain their loosening grip on the riches of former colonies.

So what does all this mean for Africa and Africans?

Empire travels to Kenya to examine the continent at the centre of the world as it is courted, cajoled and carved up by global powers to its East and West'.

Source - Empire on Aljazeera

Oooh Wee - Charlie Wilson

Happy Friday all x

Our Summer sun seems to have disappeared behind the clouds, but Uncle Charlie's voice is filled with the kinda warmth that makes me feel good. On with the day.. Oooh Wee
I had planned to don my decorators outfit today and get going on two rooms, but I may need a bit of a push start I think :)

Thursday 14 August 2014

Fally - Kidiamfuka

I like this so much. I cant explain it but it takes me to a nice place. A nice zone.

I cant find an English translation but kinda enjoyed following it anyway
Many thanks to the person who took the time to write it out
Can I get enough of Fally. Nope. Never.

Est-ce que oko ndima nga soki na yebisi yo
Que na lingaka elili na yo liboso na mona yo eh, ohohoh mon amour.
Est-ce oko ndima nga soki na yébi siyo que nalinga ka élilinayo libosso na mona eh (Paolo De Souza)

Mais ezalaki plus que bolingo, yango wana na zangaki,
Maloba ya sika ya ko décrire yango, Paolo De Souza.

Mapata eza komona nga, mapata eyebi nga amoureuse,
Eyebi que uta na botama.
Na viva nanu émotion ya bolingo te yeeeeh.
Likolo na yo na komi ko yekola ba gestes ya sika Paolo;
Likolo na yo mongongo na nga ekomi ya bébé, kolenge-lenga.

Nani apesa nga pouvoir, po na telemisa tango?
Nani apesa nga makoki, po na telemisa tango?

Panza sango que ozui bowumbu ya bolingo
Po na lokota ti manso yo obuaki na mabele
Na melaka en attendant yo pesa nga baiser ya yambo.
Nani alekela nga na Paolo tendresse sans fin?
Obe Nzambe. Po basi nioso ba poni obe ye.
Nga na lakeli ye voeux ya fidélité...

Na classa pona yo, maloba ebele na motema na nga
Tokutani lelo maloba ekomi 'obunda na mongongo na nga (Paolo D Souza)

Benga nga Kidiamfuka Paolo De Souza

Po uta na kutana na yo lisusu, nakota le même niongo
Oyo na futaka te kala, ezala niongo ya bolingo na yo.

Bolakisa nga nzela ya motema ya Paolo
Po na yebi na kokota kuna, molongo infini ya ba merveilles.
Eza ye terminus ya motema na ngai
Eza ye carburant na ngai.
Paolo, tanda loboko na yo po okotisa ngai na bonheur.
Na funguami nazo zela feu vert...
Na ye, na yo (x2)

Songs they used to play - Misty Blue Dorothy Moore

My parents used to dance to this.
One of those songs I'd hear every time the big people had thier get together's. And every so often with us, on a Sunday eve.
I love this song, I don't even know what brought it to mind. Other than a need to be still awhile
Released in 1976, sounds good to me.

Gotta phone my nephew. I think the A level results are in

Three husbands?

I'm pretty sure I would be okay with one.
In fact I know that if I should ever get married, I will have decided that he is enough for me. The one for me. That i'm willing to sacrifice the things he cannot deliver, accept his flaws as he will hopefully accept mine...simply because the love I feel is so great that everything else pails into insignificance.

But there are times when I wonder.. if i could have two, or perhaps three. Why not?
I would love them all, treat them well and be a good wife.
No.. a great wife.
If one annoys, or starts acting up, perhaps the other will be there for backup, and to comfort me.

I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has wanted or wondered this... am i?

To be honest, I only intend on saying those vows once.
but sometimes I wonder.. with all this love I have to give.. be a shame to waste it

I guess this is what marriage is all about. Giving yourself to one person, the risk it entails, the fears you must face, the willingness to work things out when you argue, (and not jump ship at the blink of an eye) . To be true. All for love.
Hmmm. I will be blessed and thankful for the one I think.
A choice not to be taken lightly then. (for either person)

Good morning all.
I'm re-arranging references as I speak which is always a 'joy'. then.. we have lift off!

I don't 'drink', but I think a bottle of Baileys may be on order tonight
"Baby Baby Baby"

Wednesday 13 August 2014

a thought about Policing

My question for today is should the Police be armed?
Remember...they're not soliders

Arguments for include.. some criminals are armed, so the police need to protect themselves
( yet its not good if people feel they need to protect themselves from the police.. after all, are they not here to protect and serve?)

Arguments against include .. trigger happy police will shoot people. Thats a risk to all, but especially those of us who are 'black' or non white.

We have an armed response team here in London [click] but even then, mistakes have been made. I remember the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes [click] which occurred in the aftermath of the London bombings, and more recently, the shooting of Mark Duggan [click] which lead to our most recent London riots.

I'm sure there are times when a gun is needed. Times when it may need to be used. So..perhaps the issue is with recruitment. If you put a gun in the hands of a racist he, or she, will possibly shoot black people. A less scathing comment would be.. If you give authority to a moron he or she, will abuse it

An even less scathing comment would be.. no sorry it's early.. and I haven't got one yet

To be fair, policing is a tough job. But its made tougher perhaps when those who enter the force do so for the wrong reasons, or if or when, they bring hatred and prejudice to work.

I don't get it.

I think in London we may still have it better than in other parts of the world..
But 'black people' tend to get a raw deal 'everytime', no matter which part of the world they be
Why is that?

Shakalewa - Sunayo II "Bad Boys"

Good morning
Just how I like my 'bad boys'..!

..some bam bam for breakfast..heehee Wakey wakey!

Tuesday 12 August 2014


Stop A La Guerre - Fally

Original text ..

"Suites aux incidents actuels qui touchent les pays d'Afrique notamment la RDCongo, dont je suis originaire, je vous invite a partager cette chanson: "Stop A La Guerre". C'est avec un coeur meurtri, rempli de peine et d'une lueur d'espoir que j'invoque la paix, l'amour, l'unité entre les peuples. Nous voulons que notre terre soit arrosée par les eaux bénites et non par le sang tel que dans un abattoir. Nous voulons la paix, nous gardons l'espoir"

English Translation

"Current incidents affecting African countries including the DRC, where I come from, I invite you to share this song:." Stop A War ". It is with a bruised heart, filled with pain and. a glimmer of hope that I invoke peace, love, unity among peoples. We want our land is watered by the blessed water and not by blood as in a slaughterhouse. We want peace, we remain hopeful. "
Fally Ipupa.

A thin line..

Sometimes I think there's a thin line between genius and absolute despair...

I thought Robin Williams was genius. A brilliant talented and wonderful man

Mork and Mindy

Good Will Hunting

Mrs Doubtfire

The Genie in Aladdin

In fact.. I'm absolutely convinced of it..

Robin Williams - July 21 1951 – August 11 2014

Sunday 10 August 2014

ft Bracket - Nana.. Sunday evening, its time to chill

I like Bracket alot - and I especially like the Congolese feel to this one.
Nice and easy video. Just right for a pre bedtime Sunday evening slow down
These French speaking guys huh... pretty darn hot if you ask me..

I've not had time yet to write about any current affairs. But one random thing I did pick up on the news today was the kerfuffle over Baroness Warsi.. who apparently resigned over her party's ( Conservative) stance on the Israel/ Palestine conflict.( don't ask me what it is. as I've no idea..) Since then I've heard some mutterings about the fact that the majority of the Tory inner circle went to Eton or whatever, then something about lack of 'ethnic minorities'..all apparently things she's unhappy with.. but forget all that.. for a mo
My only question..if I had one to ask her would be...
Exactly which political party did you join?


I also heard that Boris Johnson does have his eyes on number 10 after all.. wants to be P.M huh?
No surprise there really if he does..


Friday 8 August 2014

WizKid - Show you the money

This beat is hot
Not since Jaiye Jaiye has WizKid come with a tune like this for me.
Ready....and... Bassline

My blogs most popular song

and I've found the video at long last
I've just noticed i'm approaching 200,000 views, so enjoy the video, and thanks for checking me out
still beautiful, nice one Chris

Put a little bass behind it..

Thanks to Ti this made me laugh last night

"Why'd you talk like that uncle?"
"Its about authority Omar.."

you gotta do the hand action as well right :)

Nico and Vinz - Am I wrong

Cool song for summer, and a pretty cool video too

K - Man - Popolipo

I searched a long time for this one, until I finally found it

Morgan Heritage - Put it on me

Easy to Love - Bucie ft Heavy K - Yes, I've missed you..

Its been intense.
I told myself that I'd work these past two weeks on my dissertation, My personal deadline was to have the bulk of it done by today. This morning, I pretty much completed it.
Aside from cutting back on a few words, and a few other minor bits and bobs I'm done. and all I want to do is CRY.
I'm exhausted and my emotions are all over the place.
I'm serious, I feel sad, and weird.

I don't know what i'll get, but i'll be happy with a 2:1, heck i'll be happy with a 2:2 at this point. I've learnt so much about the theory and ideology of Pan Africanism, of Rastafari, of the African Diaspora, and as a result, have a great deal more respect for a great many people I will never even meet.

I'm not romanticizing, there has been so much sadness also. When I completed my module on war and conflict I studied those terrible conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and as I consider the on going conflicts occurring right now.. I shake my head in despair. I realize that for those who live on the continent in those areas, thier priority is to stay alive... find food to eat, find clothes, shelter... as it would be for all of us.

That being said, I guess In some ways Pan Africanism was our dream, our elitist ( Garvey, Rodney, Rastas and others aside) vision of an Africa we hold in our hearts, having grown up, away from the realities of the continent.
We shared our dream and it took root

There is so much we can learn from each other. Some argue that Africas problems can only be solved by Africans on continent. But I dont agree.. after all..there are Africans' all over the world, and we all have a role to play. We have developed allegiances and loyalties across the globe, and that's fair enough. My own parents were born and raised in the Caribbean, so the Caribbean will always also be a home to me, but at some point we really must take care of the wound which ails us.
Perhaps I do actually want my piece of land

I have so many tunes to share with you
I have pictures and stories
My banana tree has grown bananas!
Yes, dissertation or not .. life in all its glory has continued apace.
Ti's grandad was laid to rest yesterday may he rest in peace, and its my oldest friends birthday today

I didnt sleep last night at all, I don't know why. Now, however, my intention is to take a long soak, and begin the process of clearing my bedroom.. clearing my home Articles I no longer need will now go. Whatever I need will be digitalized.
I will tie up my loose ends over today and tomorrow.. after which.. i'm done.
For now anyway.

I thank whatever Angel has been sitting on my shoulder because as god is my witness, I don't know how I've managed to complete it.

Now.... first up for you...
Easy to Love
"he's my African Man"