Tuesday 27 November 2018

You are amazing

People are amazing. Beautiful souls with ideas , hopes, talents and passions.
Yet increasingly, I've noticed a large number of people actually struggle to see themselves that way.

There is beauty in humility yes, but I'll go as far as to say that more often than not, in order to feel their own greatness, they (we) may seek the validation of others.

Perhaps too often, it's seeking permission to be themselves.
I understand that, as we all seek and benefit from positive feedback, unless we have a narcissistic personality..(yikes!)but what happens if that validation isn't forthcoming?. What happens if that validation is inauthentic, or tied to, too high a price?
Often times the result is suffering..a shattering of the ego, and a plummeting of self esteem.

I'm not sure if it's the rise of social media, but the ability to create an identity almost overnight, has resulted in extremely fragile identities, devoid of a strong foundation.

Pre social media identities were formed by our environment, culture ethnicity, gender/s, values, beliefs, all developed over time, as we grew, and experienced life.

Whilst thwart with contradictions, and arguably providing the building blocks of biases, prejudice and stereotyping, there was a feeling that it was something tangible, authentic , directive and on purpose accompanying those identity formations.
Post social media, and identities are shaped often by the creation of a persona which doesn't actually exist.

I see myself in others quite often these days. Sometimes I deliberately try to, other times, it's unplanned like a slap in the face, as I find myself learning more about myself everyday vicariously.

Clarity tends to come when you're able to step outside of your own experience, and walk in the shoes of another.
(Or, when you meditate)

There are numerous reasons people sometimes struggle to see their greatness, oftentimes some form of childhood trauma. Even if consciously we know that another person's limiting belief need not be ones own

'Go within, and you'll never go without'

So the dreams or goals you have, your achievements and ideas, they are yours.
The gifts you have, they are yours. God planted a seed in you as you were once a seed in your mother womb.
Your task is to nurture your seed, so it may grow.
Gloriously inviting others to do the same.

Gardeners rarely blame the seed if it fails to grow.
They consider the soil..the environment.
They ask themselves if they have planted the seed in an environment conductive for growth; heat, water, soil, light

If our blessings are like seeds, perhaps they are simply waiting to be nurtured in an environment
(us) that they may bear fruit.
So instead of waiting for others to do it for you, try your best to muster the strength to do it for yourself.
because it's yours , and you deserve it.

Build on them gradually, setting a strong foundation... on purpose.
We tend to have so many beliefs, many of them limiting, yet self belief is the belief that may actually trump all others

Sunday 25 November 2018

Good Morning

Happy Sunday x

Awake early, since 5.30 actually
I love early mornings.... even if I go back to bed
I love the peacefulness of it, and the quiet

I lost a bit of weight last year, perhaps starting year before, but it's coming back now. I have a preferred 'feel' weight, as I rarely weight myself, and it's around this mark. I really just go by how I feel in my clothes

Not the most important thing I know,
Just having a 'girly' moment

Saturday 24 November 2018

Where is Mugabe Now?

One year on since the leadership of President Mnanagagwa, and $53million has been set aside to compensate white farmers.

Mugabe's land reform policy was as unpopular( for some) as the transatlantic slave trade (for some) yet ironically the only compensation ever paid in the latter case, was paid to slave owners to compensate for their loss of 'capital'

Hmmmmm, can someone explain or redefine compensation for me?

Regardless, President Mnanagagwa has made the offer
The farmers however, feel that $53 million, is simply not enough [click]

..Be interesting to hear Malema speak on this

*On Dopplegangers*

Are you preparing for the holidays?

Ok, well today I watched a video on the propaganda surrounding President Buhari, or rather, the alleged 'fake Buhari' Jibril from South Sudan.

For those who don't know, it has been rumoured that the President is no more, and has been swapped with a man from South Sudan, Jibril.


Most of us would scoff at the idea that anyone could fall for such propaganda, but the only reason I can think that anyone would give such a notion the time of day is ... history.

Former allegations that late President Umar Musa 'Yar'Adua, was 'gone' for 6 months before being actually declared so, during which time allegedly signing checks, could be the reason.
After which Goodluck Johnathan was sworn in as acting president before becoming elected President of the federal republic, some say presiding over the most corrupt administration the country has known. I don't agree neceasrily, but so some say.

This current debacle can only mean one thing... Elections are looming!
and the wolves are getting hungry

My own view is that at the time of Buhari's ill health, the nation would have been better served, at least morally, wishing him well, as regardlessness of whether one agrees with his leadership or not, bemoan his ethnicity or not, he is, by all intents and purposes, a man, a human being with a wife and children, and currently... the President elected by the people.

Wish him well... and fight fairly.


Oddly enough. I do believe that Buhari stands a chance of winning next years 'Valentines election'. but despite coining it so, this will be no loving affair.

It's poised to be one of the most expensive elections, and most bitterly fought.

There are currently 68 registered political parties in Nigeria, in a population of about 120million.
Too many? I hear you say? perhaps, but with such a large divided population I guess it's understandable

Having said that of the 3 main parties, the two largest and most popular remain the APC, and the PDP, whose members interestingly enough seemingly have no problem switching sides when it suits.

One reason Buhari stands a chance is that many people stick with what they know, also, leaving aside his cabinet, he himself has not been accused of being corrupt.
Buhari entered office with the aim of fighting corruption, but to be honest, his body language says he's pretty fed up with his own country.

Buhari may have thought that the fight would be a straight forward one, but later realised its culturally insidious.

Perhaps the best way to fight such a fight is to establish an independent organisation outside of the country to sort it out for good, establish checks and balances, one which holds no culture bias or entanglement.
but hang on, wasn't the 1960 independence meant to be freedom from that?

Vice President
The 'very real' Osibanjo

Friday 23 November 2018

Weekend things

This time last year in Abuja

Happy weekend guys x

new music and the discovery of a new make up range I've got to try
thanks M

My goal for the weekend other than get rest is to do some work in the garden, and connect with nature
nice sweet and simple x

Thursday 1 November 2018

Catching Up With Flavour - Crazy Love (Feat. Yemi Alade & R2Bees ft WizKid - Supa

Happy busy days
I managed to finish a set of short stories, just editing them now. Been fun
Birthday season almost over, just my brother's pending this month before year end
Scorpio season right?

Just enjoying some music and winding down

As the clocks went back I found myself waking at 4.30am each day! settling back now enjoying the extra hour.
I'm definitely a morning person these days
Adore my new job, and my team

An artic breeze put a chill on London last week, but we're good, adjusting now as we do

Love this song too much x

and this .. hmmmm, yummy. yeah, so nice

WizKid - Fever