Sunday 25 November 2018

Good Morning

Happy Sunday x

Awake early, since 5.30 actually
I love early mornings.... even if I go back to bed
I love the peacefulness of it, and the quiet

I lost a bit of weight last year, perhaps starting year before, but it's coming back now. I have a preferred 'feel' weight, as I rarely weight myself, and it's around this mark. I really just go by how I feel in my clothes

Not the most important thing I know,
Just having a 'girly' moment


  1. You look great!

    I am not a morning person at all! I HATE mornings

    1. Thank u! I appreciate your kind words. I notice you seem to bake a lot at night, so maybe your more of a high functioning night person. It's all good x.

  2. You do look great. As I've got older I prefer the mornings too. But I still go to bed late!

  3. Hi Dawna
    Yep, as C.George says you look great, I think you have got the balance right. Hoe things otherwise are well with you. I am afraid I am a night person; agree with you better to start early and get things done, leaving a sense of achievement, rather than getting 'down to it' in the early hours.

  4. thank you Joe. x I go to bed late too! trying to break that habit :)

  5. Hi John!, I'm good, hope all is well with you!. We all peak / or excel energetically, at different times in the day x.