Wednesday 31 December 2014

Igi Orombo - Sean Tizzle ft Tiwa Savage

Solidstar - My Body ft. Timaya

It's Official - This week... I turned 4 years old!

Well the tree is down, the decorations have been put away, and the year.. is almost over.
..and what a year its been

This week, my Blog turned four years old.
What's odd is.. I feel like I've been blogging 'forever'. Only 4yrs huh?.. still a 'babe in print'

The 28th December to be exact...which is also the date of my parents wedding anniversary
This year.. shamefully, I forgot both.
As we enter into 2015.. I will be in my 5th year as a blogger.
I had no idea I had so much to say, or that writing these posts would become such as important ( and enjoyable ) aspect of my life.
But seems I have.. and it is.
Blogger... the home of the frustrated writer and narcissist?.. No of course not.
and hey!!!...I'll hear none of your cheek..I'm not frustrated!.. :)
On a serious note.. I've come across and met some wonderful, funny, insightful, interesting and talented bloggers ( you) and I'm grateful to each of you

I miss my dad a bit. I think he died too young.
I know.. that's a bit of a random statement, and who am I to say
Perhaps I miss him more now.. because, I'm getting married.
that's right folks.. I'm engaged!
and that... is my little secret and joy going into 2015.

Nobody on my side knows, as I'm yet to tell them.
Fortunately they don't read my blog ( rarely anyway)
But I've been pinching myself , we're in love and very happy.
..suffering with the flu..( no I'm not delirious you cheeky things :) but happy nonetheless.
..and that's all I'll say for now

So here I am...wishing you all ( come the hour the minute the second) a Happy New Year!

I nearly let the year go by without featuring this song
never.. never.. never..:) Blog has a message for you all..
'This woman.. seriously..she never shuts up.. each day tapping away at the keys about something or another.. hey lady.. give it a rest!.. but seriously.. thank you for checking me out.. thank you for putting up with her, and reading all she has to say, for your comments...for everything.. see you all in 2015. ..all being well :) "
Love u lots

...Happy Birthday me. x

and Goodbye 2014

Out of Africa

I've caught this film twice now.. each time by 'accident'.. and I always seem to pick it up at the same point.
It is truly a great film though.
It captivates me.
She speaks about 'her Kikuyu' in a way in which they would have been spoken about at that time
The colonizer and the colonized
A bizarre relationship, summed up in a look.. a look of undying love... in the eyes of her servant in a final scene

It both moved, and disgusted me in equal measure
Yet I couldn't look away.
'Her Kikuyu'. Master and Servant. Perhaps a quintessential ultimate codependent relationship

A very interesting book I hear.. she lived a very interesting life
Bit of a rebel :)

Emma Nyra

The successful Coup d'├ętat

It began a few days before Christmas eve; the 22nd I do believe.
The soldiers took thier inventory, surveyed the ground, returned to base with enough information to decide on a time of attack.
By Dec 25th the Coup had begun in ernest. I was down, and a few days later... out.

My kingdom is being overseen by these terrible renegade soldiers.
It's pointless for me to attempt to reclaim my land straight away, I need to time to rebuild, I need to prepare my loyal guards once more.
I need .. Ibuprofen.

..and whilst on that topic...

An unsuccessful coup took place this week in The Gambia [click]

Gambia President Yahya Jammeh was not in the country at the time of the attacks on the grounds of State House.

Google pic of Gambian military offficer. No implied connection to coup

I have a vague memory of meeting him.
I have a very good memory of soldiers being stationed pretty much everywhere at the time I visited...and very handsome they were too.
Funny how quickly one can get used to it. I was used to it within days.

Reading about the coup attempt, It struck me for the 1st time just how young he was when he became president via coup d'etat in 1994... just 29years old.

I was surprised by this recent attempt to overthrow the government because the Gambian people have always struck me as very cool and easy going people... living on very beautiful lands.
Watch that space in 2015

Monday 29 December 2014

Timbuktu Fasso - Fatoumata Diawara & Amine Bouhafa

Timbuktu was the closing film for the 2014 Africa film Festival.
Sold out early, so remains on my list of films to see.

Obibini - Wayuusu. Sarkodie & Kojo Cue – You & Me

Hope 2015 is a great year for Obibini. like his flow

Great use of samples

Christopher Martin - Jah Is In It

Chris in Uganda

Patoranking - Friends & Iyanya ft Oritsefemi - Story Story

Good morning! It's The Melodians - You've caught me Baby & Version Galore - U Roy.

'you have caught me baby
you have caught me
for i'm falllin in love with you'
so there aint nothing left for you to do
but to love me like i love you

we gonna have happy times together
we gonna live life for each other
we gonna sound the trumpet loud and clear
and tell the world of our new found love
tell the world of our new found love

you have caught me baby
you have caught me
for i love no other one but you
we are young in age
so lets roll along
the future is here my dear'

The Melodians

Sunday 28 December 2014

Jill Scott - Hear My Call - Beautifully Human

I was in the mood to hear Jill Scott

The fact is...Yes I like this alot

Weekend WOW Factor - Just 3 days of 2014 remaining... and a documentary or two. ft music by Jah Cure

Only 3 days before 2015
It looks set to be a busy one but I'm okay with that. I'm ready to see in a New Year.. and see out the old

I really hope that I someday I wont have to endure UK winters in the not too distant future, it will be nice to be able to relocate to warmer climes.. and remain there until the weather is more 'humane' again.
Obviously I will need to budget for this or at the very least ensure that my income is able to accommodate my life desires.
God willing

I still have the flu so am starting to feel a bit 'irritable'. I thought I'd try catch up on some reading and some good music. Then clamber back to bed

I scanned the news for my Weekend WOW factor, but nothing really struck me. ( not yet anyway)
..Missing plane ( again) .. New Era Estate been bought by 'caring developers',... the UK population apparently malnourished due to poor nutritional value in foods. ( that we buy) If you add ( that we buy.. It changes the story completely...)
The wife of ex Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo ( Simone) to face trial ( ICC) for her part in Ivory Coast election violence and( its alleged) aiding her husband to hang on to power.
What else?.... more wars ...Al shabaab etc.. a 'plot' to harm kill the Queens guards. The Porn Industry losing a court battle trying to prove that the right to not wear a condom during filming was a form of 'free speech. There were some really funny comments attached to that one, wet me tell you:) In truth, It's hardly surprising they didn't succeed

News-wise...nothing really grabbed me

A documentary I watched the other day did
It could easily be renamed, as the title is a little misleading. It's about a particular school and a particular type of teaching.. and not really about the Taliban
I watched it.. but can't say I enjoyed it much. I didn't. It was informative .

Another documentary I watched was this... Fault Lines - Ferguson: Race and justice in the US.
Again.. very informative. Upsetting, but it's said walk a mile in a persons shoes. Some of the incidents reported on... cases of 'policing' are shocking.





Why is Boxing Day called Boxing Day?
'As servants prepared to leave to visit their families, their employers would present them with gift boxes. Despite its name, Boxing Day, which is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain, has nothing to do with pugilistic competition. Nor is it a day for people to return unwanted Christmas presents.'

Saturday 27 December 2014

Wizboy - Fine Baby. Radio & Weasel ft Wizkid - Don't Cry. Praiz - ft. Wizkid - Sisi. Praiz ft Pato Ranking - Harder

Nice combo

Radio and Weasel, Ugandan artists that came to my attention this year
Weasel looks like one of my brothers. In fact, my bro' now looks like a cross between Snoop Dog and Weasel.. funny.

This tune is hot.. Praiz has a great voice. Love the beat too

Bracket - Alive Ft. Diamond & Tiwa Savage - Mama Africa ft Flavour

Love you Bracket

Thought of the day....Have you noticed that Land/Soil is usually gendered.. and is Female.

For you.. It's Usher - ft. Nicki Minaj - She Came To Give It To You - New Flame Ft Chris Brown & Rick Ross

My new friend really likes Usher.. he's his favourite RnB artist.
and I just so happen to quite like this track..

and this..

I check the news each day hoping to hear a breakthrough has been made with Ebola. Last night I read it could be another 6 months!. I pray it's half of that!
Could you imagine that happening in the UK?
The other day at the doctors I really took a good look at the equipment... at the hand sanitizers.. washes.. everything... and I thought, one of the amazing things about being in power is you are able to travel, learn .. see different ways of doing things..and most importantly - make changes etc to your own countries.
At present thier radio public service announcements are excellent.. very clear ( the little I heard)

I try not to get political when I talk about Ebola, because the most important thing for the people right now is getting rid. It's hard not to get political. but it's best right now to stay positive., and deal with the immediate issue.
But....if this has not been a wake up call .. I don't know what will be.
When it's all sorted.. I may argue again that Sierra Leone's greatest problem was not Ebola but neo-colonialsm
There are other issues sure.. but I'll start with that.. and work my way through

Maybe someone will listen someday

I had a dream that I had to address a large group of Sierra Leonian's about these issues and they best way to move the country forward. Somebody asked.. 'what right have I got to say these things'.. I said 'look at me good.. then ask yourself If you would have asked me that if I looked any different'

In answer to your question.. I have every right....

Let's enjoy some Usher x


I came across this article by Ibrahim Tarawallie for the Concord Times

Here's an excerpt...

'The IMF is demanding that Sierra Leone repay the sum of US$2.7 million this week, a further US$1.8 million on Christmas Eve and US$1 million on 29 December this year.
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone owe a whopping US$464 million to the IMF, out of a total debt of US$3.6 billion.
In 2015, the debt payments of the three countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak are expected to be US$130 million, including US$21 million to the IMF.
According to the National Coordinator of BAN, Abu Bakarr Kamara, the country needs over US$400 million in the coming years to provide adequate health services, and that the debt payments could be used to provide these services.'
[click for more]

Click to sign petition to request the IMF and World Bank cancel the debts to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. [Info]

Grrrrrr... that's the thing about me.. I'm always angry

Yeah yeah... snigger if you like all those who just said... you got that right girl. It'll make sense soon enough

I owe Argos an apology. Sorry Argos.
Ti is something else. I dragged my sick self to the store for a replacement.. ( of the headphones lol! not Ti!) I checked all was well and came home.

"Here Ti.. it's all there!'
I left him to it..
"Mum!..I thought you checked it.. "..he said.. "the stuff's still missing!'
I came in looked at him.. pulled up the flap and there the contents were....
I then had a thought
I asked..... "Ti... did you check here the 1st time../"

and that folks is the end of that story!

Great tune.. should have been one of my 2014 highlights....fancy a dance?

My temperature was really high last night but I watched ( for the 1st time) Marvel Avengers Assemble
Oh man.. I LOVE the film.. l Love the HULK.. Grrrrrrrr. Boom!

I also forgot Yaba on my 2014 highlights.. how could I...? I've enjoyed his music this year. Something great from South Sudan
Yaba for President?


This is my absolute favoutie clip!
Hulk vs Loki
Ever hear or see how some of these world leaders carry on and really just wanna do this?...... :)

Yeah baby..we need the HULK. in all his GREEN GLORY

Friday 26 December 2014

Christmas messages.. In case you missed it, this was the Queens Speech.. a message from the Obama's.. and the 'King'

The Queen always reminds me of an old Caribbean lady. I think it's the style of dress.
Don't believe me?.. go take a walk down Ridley market (local treasure which I hear developers plan to get rid of) or.. check out a local church!
She looks well anyway, but then, i'm told she will be in receipt of the absolute best of care.
'She is the Queen Dawna'.. i'm told.
This was the Queens message to us....

One of the Presidents smartest decisions was possibly to marry Michelle. I can't say much about his impact in Office other than to keep the machine going full throttle.
But perhaps I'm just ignorant of it
I honestly believe many so called 'African Americans' voted for him because they trusted him, thought he would be 'different'. that he would understand.. he would have soul..
I wonder what they think now
Not sure what I think.. other than .. business as usual.. and .. nice wife.

Ever wonder of the tipping point as to when Elvis became such a funny caricature?
Fans must get upset at times.
Anyway.... Business is good for him!
...What does he say at the beginning.. lol :)

Full Up yet?

Good morning all x
I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas
Great Eastenders Christmas Special... 'wodareyougoin'onabartistraditioninit'
Haven't seen it for some time so I enjoyed the dumdums

Here's a question.. why IS Boxing Day.. called Boxing Day?

In case you're prone to it...I thought I'd share my top tip to stop you gaining too much excess weight over the holidays....

When you feel FULL.....STOP.

Ironically perhaps..a Christmas meal should be, can be, and actually is... quite healthy.
For many it's possibly the one time of year they eat some veg!

Turkey is what is refereed to as 'white meat' and healthy ish ( I don't eat it) Fish.. salads..
The excess I suspect comes from the super ( eye bigger than your belly) large portions. and all the extras.. the alcohol.. sauces.. pork dishes( those who still eat it) .. sweets,, deserts l.. on and on...

Well....they say you are what you eat.....
I guess you are what you think too...

Sorry girls.. feminism is not an excuse to be downright lazy

Afros are cute.. I'll take some Afros please x

Thursday 25 December 2014

A Home - is where the heart is?...and some Merry Christmas tunes

Big fat zero goes out to the Argos store
As a consumer I have every right to call them out on this.
I bought some so called 'Beats by Dre for Ti.. only to find that the only thing in the box was the headphones . No wire.. cleaning cloth.. booklet.. nothing!.

This year I have had to return several items to the store as items that should have been provided.. were missing.
Once I was scuppered because I couldn't find the receipt so had to buy the same item again.

I'm not suggesting that 'someone' in the chain has itchy fingers, or an overall lack of customer care/quality assurance....but I do hope that in the new year service improves or I will be slating that store on a regular basis.

.. and I hope not as I like the store. (How can anyone not like buying something they can't even see or touch:)


Last night I watched for the 1st time ever.. 'It's a Wonderful Life'
I watched it because I've heard it spoken of as one of the great Xmas movies of all time.

Yes .. it was a good film. Quaint.
Oddly relevant in a way.

Long story short, a man wishes he had never been born. He gets his wish.. then is shown by an angel what life is like without him. he soon realized that his life mattered greatly indeed.
He had made a contribution.
He begged to go back. begged to have his life back
It may not have been 'perfect'.. but his life MATTERED

Good question at Christmas. Does my life matter, and if so why.
Who does my life matter to, and why,.
What contribution to society have I made.
Have I helped or hindered the progress or evolution of others.. or hindered

Who decides what matters anyway


Crisis at Christmas appears to have been granted occupancy of a local school.
That's really great.
What we we do without some of these Charities?
But I did feel a sense of disgust, that in London especially we should have so many people living and sleeping rough on the streets. Some people would never believe that in a country such as ours we have that problem.
We do.
People beg here too.

Ironically perhaps we also have lots of empty buildings .. properties..and disused and derelict land.
Most of the people I saw queuing for a space were male.. and sounded Polish
...our wonderfully humane and 'fair' immigration policy at work..
in case you wondered.. I am being a bit sarcastic there Sorry.. I know it's Christmas...I guess it's the Brit in me :)

A side note..I will also point out that around 70% of charity funds goes to senior managers in the way of wages.
Leaving 30% ( if your lucky) .. for the cause itself.
International NGO's are well known for this... bigger UK charities also.
Small charities less so.
Just thought you might like to know where most quite a bit of your money goes


I just watched 'Back to the Future'
Okay doc... we're in the future now.. and we still using... roads


If Jesus walked among us today.. do you think he would be treated any differently to how he was treated back then when he had lived?

The may not hang him.. ( bit barbaric) but I reckon, they'd definitely deny him recourse to public funds.. and possible homes?.. The Gutter... HMP or a Mental home?
But it really would depend on which part of the world he showed up.. his skin colour ( again) and 'his gender' :)

Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe I'm right

Yikes.. my mum just called.. "WHERE ARE YOU ALL?"
Better go



It's Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We're up up up over here in East London
'Santa' came early.. I have a screen!
Breakfast and the news. Normal business has resumed. Gruffalo?.. Shrek?..After mums...hmmm Easternders Christmas special?.. hey..anything is possible now. The world is my viewing Oyster. Thank you biggest son.

A screen and a pending proposal... I'm overwhelmed, and I'm yet to open my gifts under the tree. Just waiting til Ti's ready.
What can they be??

Have a peaceful and blessed day everyone, whether at home or abroad, with all the family, as a couple, or alone. I'm still with the fever but I have to go mums anyway. I'll wrap up warm. Keep it low key.
Say a prayer.. save the world..remember God..
Okay.. I'm more than ready too Tala.. :)


Tuesday 23 December 2014

United States of Africa

Ethiopia's Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn said something I tend to say in general
He apparently said "We should show that there is a solidarity within the African countries," [click]

He was referring to Ebola. He feels that a united coordinated response would be a great way forward.. and could have helped to eliminate the disease earlier
I agree. Nigeria and Senegal got thier 'situations' under control and just seemed to selfishly walk away . 'Ha.. we're alright jack...'
I am happy for them.. but not for those still struggling to deal with it

The IMF does have a role to play in the under-development of many African countries... no question [click] they often dictate how money should be spent, and on what. The same with foreign 'Aid'. imagine ..counties having to import cheap American food whilst thier farmers can no longer afford to produce.. and the population can no longer afford to buy their goods. Spending on Health and Education.. what say you IMF?
....but it's easier to blame it on the people.. and the eating of some 'bats'

The question of a united Africa will rage on.
Despite the AU we are no closer to it. Too many petty squabbles ( which turn into outright war) too many internal power struggles. What on earth is wrong with some of these men?.
Too many of them behave like naughty children.. but instead of fighting with toy soldiers... they use real people.
Bully's in the school yard.. picking on girls.
I'm not impressed with South Sudan right now at all for example.

Will leaders revise their strategies?.. lord knows
The greatest weapon your oppressor will ever have is the control of your mind
In fact....will we ever have a united world? We're balance is restored and wealth and technology evenly distributed?... 'now steady on girl... you're getting ahead of yourself'

Anyway.. the flu has me in it's grip. ( as you can probably tell)
If i'm not up to posting again before Christmas.. have a lovely Christmas /Wonderful holiday all x

PS. Funny story - I was at the doctors yesterday and the ethnicity box had , African .. 'except Somali'. Underneath, it had a box for.... Somali.. huh?...okay... detention after class... :)

Monday 22 December 2014

Joe Cocker - 20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014.

So sad to hear the news that Joe Cocker has died.

This will always be the song for me. It will always remind me of him. So simple, simply beautiful. I will always love it.
RIP Joe Cocker

My favourite Christmas Memory Bloghop..

My Favourite Christmas memory Bloghop - hosted by Janie Junebug, and Cherdo on the Flipside - thank you so much both.... :)
I signed up then thought.. hmmmm what is my favoutrite Xmas memory?

I wondered.. was it that every year me and my sister would sing the song 'sisters' Whilst watching white Christmas as we put up the 'bright white ' Christmas tree?. You see in the film they had feather bowers. so we pretended that's what we had.

'Sisters.. sisters.. never were there such devoted sisters'
silly song really.

Fun as it was it's not that , and my favoutite memory is actually much simpler.
Phew I hear you say.....

I was quite young.. as is perhaps 10 yrs old and we had just moved house ( apparently that happened alot when we were growing up) We had moved to Stokenewington and we had bigger rooms and a garden!
I loved the smell of the place. But what we didn't have was any carpets.
We had floor boards (and they weren't really in fashion then ( neither were they in particularly good condition.. or popular with children)
Anyway.. Christmas was fast approaching and I was watching the snowman on TV. It was in fact Christmas eve.

The doorbell rang, and there was quite abit of activity. I soon realized we were getting new carpets!. I watched from the upstairs banister as they hammered away ( the way they do ) installing this red-ish carpet.
I stopped watching the snowman and watched them.
When they left I couldn't believe it
I rolled around on the floors like all sense had left me!. It was the softest plushest ever.

Christmas morning I was on 'Cloud 9'. Coming downstairs was as nice a gift as anything under the tree.
( in my head I thought) We'd made it! we had a house, and new carpet.
The house was warm and comfortable.
and who doesn't want that...

Mi pa cho.. don't laugh... :)
I blame my sister for this one, I was too young to know any better heehee :)

Sunday 21 December 2014

Weekend WOW Factor (Part 2) My musical highlights of 2014..

Trick question of the day...
Ti asked me... "mum.. would you pick cotton for £250 an hour..?"
"Of course! "...I declared
"Yo..".... I then said.realizing his ploy..." I don't like like dat question.....!
He laughed... I just wanted to see where your civil rights ended.."
He laughed again "you sell out.. you'd be all up in dem fields.."

"Hey you!!..get lost"

Okay .. my 2014 musical showcase.
It's an almost impossible task, and I'm sure I've left a few off sadly, but it is these particular tunes that if asked for my musical highlights in 2014, I will readily present you with
As Wizkid sings.. "I can't explain".. but there is something in each that carried me through this year.

Many thanks to all singers, musicians, producers, engineers, video directors , promoters, radio personnel and bloggers, for making and sharing such great music.
Sure I could have continued the list , in reality it has no end...
But for those of you not featured this year, I apologise...

Some songs came out prior to 2014, but it doesn't matter here at BIM,,, this year, they held a special place in my heart
May you all continue to stay blessed and highly favoured
We love you
All the best for 2015

and thanks again x

It hurts to stop......

Spotlight on LXG

Demarco - Puppy Tail

Good morning all x

I must confess I do like Demarco..
Please believe me when I tell you any video that I post of Demarco with any shaking ass is tame... He can be pretty raw.
This video made me laugh .. . its just pure ass!

Funniest Youtube comment goes to.....
andyb willo - who wrote... "dem gal deh batty look tink.."

That's mean Andy! funny.. but mean! naughty step for you!
...and naughty step for you too Demarco... I expect better in 2015.... :)

Saturday 20 December 2014

2014 BIM People of the Year - Ebola Health Care Workers

The Struggle continues.
It has been a tough year for Ebola Health Care Workers. Each day they risk thier health and lives to assist others. Some volunteer... so do it for no money at all. Just for the love of thier people and country.
They are my people of the year. I'm humbled by them

Sierra Leone will experience about a week of total lockdown as of next week. No one will be allowed out of thier home. Christmas family get- together's have been banned in the fear of the virus spreading.
The president said they are a country at war. (with the disease)
Although it's a predominantly Muslim country about 10% of the people are Christian.
Nevertheless.. it's the holidays.. and regardless of religious belief the people get along well.
The people are suffering, schools have been closed for months and the economy is being seriously impacted

I pray 2015 will be a much better year for Sierra Leone. .. and importantly...Ebola free

2014 BIM Woman of the Year...

In a Year of increased and increasingly overt and often un-explainable violence against women.
In a year where violence was increasingly being carried out by women with female suicide bombers etc doing the unthinkable
The BIM woman of the year notice goes to.... all women
Because all women are beautiful.. and have a right to life... and just being a woman in many places across the Globe... is a tough call indeed

2014 BIM Man of the Year - Dr Denis Mukwege

Still doing his thing.. still amazing [click]

About the Panzi Hospital

Weekend WOW Factor ( Part 1) My Afro House 2014 selection - Spotlight South Africa

Some of the tracks date back further than 2014, but good music is good music. When it hits you it hits you.. it's ageless.
Now there is definitely a South African focus to this list.
In 2014 the South African Justice System shocked the heck out of me.. with...lets just say some questionable outcomes to some high profile cases. As a result S.A scores very low on the scale of justice for me... but musically.. musically... S.A is on point.
and Thank god for that!
I think the saying is...'Money talk.. and bullshit walk..'

Personally speaking...This has been an amazing year for me.
I'm very grateful.. I thank god and my guardian angels, them that dwelleth by my side

It has been a year that I'll remember always.
I wanted to offer a musical rundown of sorts but I've decided simply to offer my own 'hot in 2014' ( in 2 parts)
Every song I post captivates me for some reason, so even selecting a few highlights is hard. but here we go..

This year I discovered a love for South African house music - no question. There is another name for the style of music I'm referring to, and it's not in anyway limited to South Africa, but I can't remember the term. Anyway, my feelings took me by surprise because I don't usually go for House. But I realize its mainly UK house and I also know why. and its' all about the beat, drums, musicality and mix.
South African House ( for me) has soul. the kind of which I'm yet to discover here. ( although my eldest can produce some pretty good tracks.. he just wont let the world here them..)
If I fall for UK house in 2015.. I will definitely let you know

In the summer of love, almost every guy I met came from some part of the continent. ( I blame my course) North South East West & Central
So it was also the year of the African Prince

But for me ... without doubt, this year , was also the year to fall in love...

Here's my rundown

This was my MA dissertation song.... I was under pressure , and this song helped me

This man is so cute and I can watch him dance all day... No, I can never leave out Mafikizolo
as for you May D!!!! Mwah.... the girl's very pretty too and I love her outfits!!

Stand up children...It's your time to shine .. :)

This track also reminds me of trips to the library.. being at home with nothing in front of me but my books an articles.. as the sun shone brightly outside
I was able to enjoy the sun.. taking breaks and walks. This song reminds me of those days

My all time favourite Christmas songs...

We used to watch this film every year.. my mum and sister expecially loved it. I haven't seen it for some time, but the song sticks like glue

love Nat

has there ever been a singer cooler than Ray?

Friday 19 December 2014

Davido - One Of A Kind - TGIF! - & Davido ft ice Prince

( Dimples) Davido limited his appreciation to the continent so kinda forgot the Caribbean and us over here ( UK) and elsewhere but we still love him
This track has grown on me

Happy Friday all!!

..and keeping with Davido..I haven't heard this for awhile

Thursday 18 December 2014

Who said politics was boring...?

This explains what the dispute was about ...

Seems they got previous

I do remember the Laptop for schools project being spoken about
Yes..every child should have access to ICT
Why not..

Well...I guess we rowdy here too.. mostly just jeers .. yeah yeah and all that. :)

Sweet Jamaica All Star Remix - and requesting a rematch from my Big bro... not!!

Finally back home afterr a very long day.
Took a trip to see mum, and one bro took the same trip too, so we had a laugh.. and I'm now looking forward to us being together over the holidays.
My eldest brother will probably be the Grinch again this year and stay home, but I'll try and persuade him to come to mums with us.
What I'll do is I'll remind him of the year we argued all the way through the Magnificent 7 on Christmas Day!... and let me tell you something..... I love that film.
Neither him or I heard a word Yul Brinner & Co had to say that day. Ask me what we were arguing about?
I can't remember!. Which means it was pointless.
Nobody saw the magnificent 7 that year at mums lol! ( Yep.. I'm sure that memory will entice him to come along ... heehee)

Anyway. My colleague drew my attention to what for me possibly the best reggae video I have seen all year.
I was sooo excited. I don't know how I missed it!.
As you probably know, my all time favourite Reggae DJ is U Roy.. but add now the other great artists and I was on Cloud 9. Freddie Mcgregor, Cocoa Tea, Marcia Griffiths.. Christopher Martin.. the list goes on...
It really made my day ( in addition to other things - that make my day everyday :)
Imagine.. simple as that. Some sweet Reggae.. and I was mega productive
Thank you!!!!!

I'm a sunshine kinda girl everytime
Hope you enjoy x

Thursday Throwback; Someone asked me...

A few weeks ago.. who was my all time favourite female singer..
I was stumped.. "I can't possibly answer that "..I said..
I love so many, for so many reasons...
But nagging away at the back of my mind was the thought... Gladys Knight .. Gladys Knight.. Gladys Knight

I don't know if it's her voice or simply her songs.. in particular this one.
I used to hear this as a child growing up and loved it then.. and like 'Midnight Train to Georgia'... its just stuck in my heart..

So if I had to answer the question again..I might simply say - Gladys.

..that's indecisive me.. being decisive
Hope you've had a lovely day x


Uhuru ft. Wizkid, Donald & Speedy - Ungowami

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure this is a remix as I don't remember Wizkid, singing on it before...
Cool.. I like
Big fan of both .. good job!

Yes.. here it is

Tuesday 16 December 2014

A day in the life of... Manifest ft - Keep Shining & ft A.B Crentsil - Ye Wo Adze Oye

Wish they had a video for this...

Upstairs downstairs

I tell you something funny..
Ti's upstairs and i'm downstairs, and we both clicked on a Bob Marley song at the same time.. this was his track. Mine was Sellasie is the Chapel.

I noticed since yesterday that Ti wasn't his usual chirpy chatty self, so today he was able to explain what's up.

Friends letting down etc, basically not being true
One friend who he's been helping out with the odd bit of cash here and there until his student loan comes through , it turns out actually dropped out of Uni months ago!
I gave him a talk. With the aim that he should feel much better and much more positive afterwards.
Basically.. it happens.

Fortunately, I was able to share a few stories of my own .. stories that lord knows I never though would ever serve any positive purpose at all.
Well.. seems they have.
They helped me to understand and reassure Ti

Can't have Ti feeling down before the holidays now can I... nope.
Hard as it may be...let them go.. make room in your life for the good you deserve. If they return and you're happy with that.. okay.

When he came downstairs I laughed.. Hmmm..yuh a play Bob Marley now huh... yuh run back to da Ratsaman .. you want some Inspiration?.. the real roots?... :)
He laughed... "..says the woman playing Afrobeats!..."
Nah .. I said.. "I'm on the Bob right now too.."
Solidarity my son
I'll go back to my Afrobeats in a mo
he seems in a much better mood now
.. and will be back on the Rap in no time :)
Yep.. normal play has resumed..

Guru - Pooley - Akayida & Kpa Kpa kpa Movement

What does Pooley mean? [click]

Shatta Wale - ft Feeling For The City, Everybody like my Tin, Dancehall King & I am blessed

Stepping away from the lovely Christmas songs for a moment to feature a few Ghanaian rappers
Shatta is one of Ghana's top dancehall artists and I'll begin with him
Shatta reminds me of Shabba Ranks




Sunday 14 December 2014

Emile Sande - Winter Wonderland & Luther Vandross - Every Year Every Christmas

...time to embrace the pending Christmas holidays and close of the year...

What a voice.. many thanks Luther

I love my Freetown family..

My new friend decided that today was the day. No more delays...he really wanted me to speak to his family. It's his birthday tomorrow, and they're spending the day together
So, for the 1st time, I spoke to mum dad and all 3 sisters.
They are lovely.
Apparently they've heard alot about me and really wanted to speak to me
I'll admit I was soooooo nervous at the thought, but as soon as they were on the phone all was well.
I told them I plan to visit next year so we can see each other in person
They know London having once lived here.. which is nice
I love when I'm talking to him and I can hear a cock crowing in the background
Country chicken.. which he tells me is very tasty

I hope they have a lovely day
Roll on next year as I can't wait to meet them in person
I'm happy with the way things are going
...and I realize also that this is very different to anything I've encountered before

I took my time today tidying up ( and not cooking) my headache is easing up, and I have sourced a replacement screen even nicer than what we had before
So I've definitely been putting the saddle back on that horse
I've had practice :)

Weekend WOW Factor - Where is my land....

The push - pull factors of global population movement...

War, displacement refugees,
Neocolonialism ( un) Fair trade

Is it right therefore to restrict entrance into the UK for non European Union citizens?.. for anyone??
It's actually not an easy question to answer - ish

Global inequality will ensure that 'western countries' continue to thrive as a direct consequence of the exploitation of developing countries ( who really are not developing at all - at least not at the rate they should or could)
It's probably more factual to say that global ( unethical ) corporations will ensure it.
They are currently in the driving seat

Yet in truth, unrestricted global population movement could put a strain on resources of any host country - should there be a huge increase in numbers coming in to the country.
If I host a party and cater for 10 and 100 turn up ... people gonna go hungry.
It's barbaric to allow entrance into the UK and deny access to benefits
It's barbaric to allow entrance into the UK then decree that those individuals cannot work, or study
It's barbaric to think that somehow, the desperate push factors often caused by lack of opportunities in many countries across the world or as a result of war, unfair trade, neocolonialism, or the direct ( and indirect ) consequence of British foreign policy ... do not impact - or are not at the root casue of this issue.

The question should no longer be ... how many immigrants are coming into 'our' ( currently very cold) country.
The real question should ( or could) be... what is causing the movement, and what can we do to improve lives of people across the globe .. (who are continuously exploited) and not just us.
It's also useful to remember that people have always migrated.. traveled over lands and seas.. moved from place to place.
It's Sunday.. I'm sure we can think of a few biblical references to support this phenomenon if we wanted to

Our current immigration policy is seemingly racist anyway, and has been for as long as it has been in place
It's quite amusing at present listening to people squabble about EU immigration

It's like watching a pot and a kettle fight over the stove.


Hackney North & Stokenewington MP Diane Abbot is planning to run for Mayor of London

I have a vague memory of her running for Leader of the Labour Party. I have a vague memory of her attempts being treated with...hmmm, not contempt exactly, but mild hilarity
Who's laughing now..?
Given a 'Time Machine' and the choice of Diane Abbot or Ed Miliband.. who would you choose?
What I admire about Diane is that she does put herself forward. She's ambitious , a pretty smart cookie and 'fearless'
I think she could make a great Mayor of London [click]


The Government's ideology is to shrink the state and increase private business's and contractors
Most people are aware of this.
the government know exactly what they are doing, and what their agenda is.
If you subscribe to thier ideology.. then by all means.. vote for them
Just know... that outside of your vote.. you're possibly of little consequence, other than being a minion.

The aim is to have a hugely profitable private sector
What of public services?.
Well... it appears that the desire is that they be run by private companies
So, whereas once there were community groups ( and specialists) who would provide services and expertise to particular communities, .. it is becoming a thing of the past
Groups who would work to promote understanding and multiculturalism .. there is little interest in that
There's little profit to be made there
But those in power may overlook the real gains at thier peril


On another note I'm feeling much better, but awoke with a terrible headache and fever
I decided to battle through anyway.
I usually write my Weekend WOW Factor early in the morning whilst watching Little man watch his shows... ( It's our time) but.. our routine was altered today
Anyway...never mind...onward and upwards. One burned pot does not a spoiled dinner make
what is it with me and the kitchen references today?...

Lord knows.. I'm not even cooking today
I'm on strike :)

Happy Sunday all x

Saturday 13 December 2014

the Devil is in the detail

Arguments are a horrible business.
Watch out for them!... especially over the holidays

I can't believe I had an argument this evening which began over 1 thing then quickly escalated into a major lets rake up some dirt session.
I can't quite believe I argued at all.. this came out of' nowhere'
I'm still fuming , so probably wont post anything else until I've completely calmed down about it.

My eldest son in his typical careless fashion just banged something against the TV screen. ... cracked it.. and now It's broken , no picture at all.
Did I mention the holiday season is pending?.
I'm fuming .
I do not have a grand to spare.
I'm also fuming because it was a gift, and possibly the best thing to have come out of one situation that I wont discuss here, but suffice to say it' was a gift that was well meaning at the time ( there was a story behind it) and it was appreciated.
So.. in response to me being upset my eldest decides that his best move .. the smartest approach would be to become angrier than I...hostile.. and knock over the Snowman. Then to complain that he now has to work two weeks and spend all his wages to buy back the TV.
( did I mention he has 2 children and the holidays are pending?)
You know what I say... I say YES... he should eat beans , work his arse off and take every last penny he has to replace what he has broken.
Did I mention I was upset?

In truth, even if he buys another, he will never be able to replace the memory that was attached to that particular screen.

I'm angry with him because I often find that he can be careless with things that are not his own.
This could have been avoided if he wasn't doing what he was doing in a half arsed , can't really be bothered lazy way.
I was never half arsed about raising him. When I was tired I still took care of him to the best of my ability so what gives...?!
I tell you what gives...he didn't pay for it, doesn't care for it.. and doesn't live with it..
So doesn't give a damn
I told him to pack up his things and go.
said I don't want to be around him right now just like I didn't want to be around his father. Told him that's where he got his nasty stinking streak from.. and on and on it went....
He's 28 - he can handle it.
Did I mention that arguments are horrible business?
It wasn't one sided...
..he said something to me that I don't think I can ever forgive him for.

So there you have it
If it's not replaced in two weeks I'll disown him.
He just ignited my temper and that's one thing he should know never to do
He could have said sorry
A simple 'sorry mum'... and been humble about it.
I worked my arse of for him over the years. Don't EVER think it's okay to take the piss.
I'm off to bed.

My song of the day - Flavour - Special One

Not sure how I missed this track but now I've found it.. it joins the platform with Wiser ...
Very nice

Just before the track, I have a few words on my thought of the day - Inspired by the song, it's that often controversial topic of marriage.

Over the past few years, I've listened to various opinions on Marriage.

Here's a tip for those of you .. who like me.. .are not yet married
If you're female.. do NOT ask a married man for his opinion unless he is beside himself happy with his wife/partner
It will undoubtedly be skewed with bitterness, regret, and repressed anger. :)
Unless you're intending to slit your wrist in despair so to speak... save yourself....

Growing up, I took it for granted, .. as a given. Not complicated - easy.
My parents were happy.. were's the work?

By the rebellious ages of around 15 - 20 it was little more than a piece of paper to me with little meaning, other than system control... what was important I decided.. was the content and quality of the relationship. You can live a happily married life ( I decreed) ) without being married.
..and it's true.. you can ..( so put your arrows down all you common law folk i mean you no ill will)

I tried it. .. lasted a few years.. then I realized that I would NEVER want to marry those particular men.
.. and once you know that.. (Ironically) it's over.
So.. after a couple of failed relationships, the passing of time, and with more experience under my belt ( errrm keep it clean no pun intended) I have since done a complete U turn.
Don't get me wrong.. the content and quality of the relationship remains crucial... but I take the concept of marriage very seriously indeed.

My idea of marriage is that it is the highest expression of love which one can give to another.. not wholly exclusively so..but as an act of love, it's important.
..mess with it at your peril.
If a man or woman fails to respect his or her marriage, or loses the will desire or capability to honour the commitment made - it's no longer a marriage.
Not all marriages work out...It happens..people drift, fall out of love, fight , argue whatever.... but call a spade a spade. It remains a relationship possibly, depending on your circumstances.. but it's unfair to the happily married to call it ( life in that state) a marriage.
In addition...
I don't think it's right to mess with or seek to destroy another persons marriage ether. unless 'you' would be okay with someone messing with, or seeking to destroy, your own
Sometimes you may fall unwittingly into situations. but it's probably best to fall out of it as quickly as possible

It is true that the meaning of marriage differs across the world, and various tribes and cultures will decide on what it means to them and that's fine.
I speak from my world view.
and personally speaking.... I wont be taking on, or sharing any man's name unless they really are
for me.. that special one

It's the essence of what makes Flavour's song so wonderful..
What's that you say?.. spoken like a true unmarried woman... romanticizing everything.?......Cha..bite me :)
Happy Saturday all x


One more thing...
.What helps..I believe, is finding someone who shares your vision...
a bird and a fish can fall in love.. but where would they live?
...*Please bear in mind that my thoughts are subject to change.. but today.. this is how I feel about it*

Yipeee let love reign.....

Friday 12 December 2014

Wiser - Flavour ft Phyno, M.I - & featuring tracks from his hit album 'Thankful'

I'm still with Flavour this ........

FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... and Awww it just feels so good

I'm feeling very thankful, for many things..and with 'Thankful' being the title of Flavour's latest album ( released in November) .. how could I not showcase it by featuring what for me is an outstanding album. ( which reportedly sold over a million copies in just 5 days!)



Another sweet song Flavour.. nice combo - pretty cool

Ooo.. I'm loving this tune too much. The Caribbean in me feels a strong calypso vibe.... "Orinando..."
.."her backside.. is on fire!"..

Highlife?/Calypso? - one people - one music..

Cool beat - melody and harmonies ...beautiful
"I gotta be a little wiser yeah... i gotta be a little sharper yeah...".
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.. The subtlety of the track gets under my skin. may just be my favourite track off the album.. Yes - and that's not an easy statement to make..

Flavour can sing these songs in his sleep... pure vibes

I think I'll be playing this album for some time to come.
any gathering I have.. this tune must play

"Everyday dem dey wonder.. dey say I be craze because of say I be Rasta..." ( what does the guy say in the background I'd love to know)
" but I give god de glory him mek me musician so tell dem call me magician..."

I'm slightly addicted to the beat of this track
Brass reminiscent of Fela


This could be my anthem.. however.. I'm much better now :)

...and there you have excellent album by Flavour.
I've just featured the tracks that I love the most, but feel free to check it out and decide for yourself

..."Flavour.. in addition to being quite fit.. you've produced a stunning album.. one that I will play for many years.."

and on this... my Friday night.. I promise to pick up the phone

Tala - love the house x


Funny story..
Someone said to me.. 'You should be a doctor..
"True " I said.." tis my intention..!

"Yeah" they said.. "Doctor of Sass.."

Flavour - Gollibe

Okay.. Flavour is fit.

That aside.. this is a lovely song. I would like one, but I don't have time to search for a translation at present, but the video tells a story.. and the 'roll call'' did make me laugh
You love who you love huh
Nice - very sweet

and ...just for you readers.. here is a translation from ( GodisBlack Blogspot)


The John Legend Showcase.. TGIF

and back in time I went...

I used to play these songs over and over
hearing them now is like spending time with a long lost loved one

I'm starting with my fav.. P.D.A (We Just Don't Care)..
..with possibly the best J.L intro ever

TGIF all.. enjoy x

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Little Man

I don't often blog about my little man but today I will.
I went to see him in his nativity

he was a donkey.
.. and everyone knows.. you can't have a nativity play.. without a Donkey
I cant show any pictures as parents weren't allowed to take any
They explained why.. and I understand.
I went along as mum and dad couldn't make it.
I scanned the room until sure enough.. there he was.. in what looked like a Donkey Onesy.. Tail, Ears an all
I gave him a wave .. he was so happy to see me ( That alone was enough for me)
his big line was... are you ready?..... "A beautiful baby, is wonderfully born!"
..and the little man was loud and clear

There's something about watching children perform nativity plays that really gets me...
the school staff were amazing getting it all together - and all the children had a part, even the youngest

Don't tell anyone, but I became a bit tearful watching them, and the songs were .. oh gosh.. they were really amazing
proper proper well constructed lovely songs
I remember as I sat there thinking.. look at the beauty and innocence of these children
I wonder what life has in store for them
What world have we created for them
I pray they be okay
It was really moving
They sang as we made our way out - after saying a prayer
Best nativity play ever!

Better than Broadway :)
You did GOOD little man...proud of you:)

.. and with that here's a song...
Has to be Tamar Braxton

Night night x

Two tunes caught my attention today..... Davido - Owo Ni Koko & Ice Prince - Tears for Naija

...For different reasons..

Hypnotic track by Davido.. I just love this guy
I'm so tired this evening. this is my off to Bedforshire tune
...tomorrow.. is another day


Elections are due in Nigeria next year... and this tune caught my attention
Campaign slogans anyone?
It's not and easy task huh..

Good song Ice, a moving and emotive plea. Can only hope that people listen

Tuesday 9 December 2014

My mid week melodies..Tiwa Savage - My darlin' & Ice Prince ft Sunny Neji - Whiskey

Song begins at 1:57 :)
Cute song from Tiwa
Kinda song one can happily play at a wedding reception. ( I'll add to my playlist) The video's cute too... moving if you get the gist..

I love everything about this track
Life can be unpredictable
Another moving and thoughtful story-line. Musically tight and right. Good job Ice and Sunny ( onto my playlist you go)

".... Story story
We gots to give God glory..
We gots to live life slowly...
YOLO no dey bring life back"
[click for full lyrics]

Konshens & Demarco

This remains my fav Demarco song to date

Monday 8 December 2014

Monday music feast - Bugle - No Obligation - .Annointed.

I'm easing into the week with a smile, joy in my heart, the aim of completing what needs to be done,. and keeping WARM.. ( brggh.. thermals pls.. I hear they sell some cute ones these days.. gonna have to hook me up!)

I didn't plan to, but I''m actually watching a program on domestic violence. A 76 yr old man beat his wife up - badly. ( on his birthday ) Her face is very very badly bruised .
The man said to his wife (when the police came to take him away) can you pack my overnight bag for me.. you got me arrested again
God Forbid
He then cried.. and said he loves her like hell. Surely he can't be well?!
It has been termed in the program .. Intimate terrorism
They touch on the reverse, and same sex relationship violence..
On coercive control

It was just revealed that the 76 yr old was jailed for 10yrs.
Imagine.. we all live under the same sun.. see the same moon at night
Yet our lives... our lives.. can differ greatly....

Anyway... I hope you've had a great day
Enjoy your evening x
and take care of each other
That's all... that'll do

Shower some blessings Bugle...