Monday 22 December 2014

My favourite Christmas Memory Bloghop..

My Favourite Christmas memory Bloghop - hosted by Janie Junebug, and Cherdo on the Flipside - thank you so much both.... :)
I signed up then thought.. hmmmm what is my favoutrite Xmas memory?

I wondered.. was it that every year me and my sister would sing the song 'sisters' Whilst watching white Christmas as we put up the 'bright white ' Christmas tree?. You see in the film they had feather bowers. so we pretended that's what we had.

'Sisters.. sisters.. never were there such devoted sisters'
silly song really.

Fun as it was it's not that , and my favoutite memory is actually much simpler.
Phew I hear you say.....

I was quite young.. as is perhaps 10 yrs old and we had just moved house ( apparently that happened alot when we were growing up) We had moved to Stokenewington and we had bigger rooms and a garden!
I loved the smell of the place. But what we didn't have was any carpets.
We had floor boards (and they weren't really in fashion then ( neither were they in particularly good condition.. or popular with children)
Anyway.. Christmas was fast approaching and I was watching the snowman on TV. It was in fact Christmas eve.

The doorbell rang, and there was quite abit of activity. I soon realized we were getting new carpets!. I watched from the upstairs banister as they hammered away ( the way they do ) installing this red-ish carpet.
I stopped watching the snowman and watched them.
When they left I couldn't believe it
I rolled around on the floors like all sense had left me!. It was the softest plushest ever.

Christmas morning I was on 'Cloud 9'. Coming downstairs was as nice a gift as anything under the tree.
( in my head I thought) We'd made it! we had a house, and new carpet.
The house was warm and comfortable.
and who doesn't want that...

Mi pa cho.. don't laugh... :)
I blame my sister for this one, I was too young to know any better heehee :)


  1. Great idea. I've never heard the song, but it was fun. How cute the guys were raving on about their eyes, now it would all be about their buts and boobs. Ha, times have changed.

    1. Yes! you're right...they have certainly changed Joe. awww so 'innocent' then

  2. Dawna -This was always one of my favorite movies! Now if only I'd had the sister to poke a little fun at(smile).
    Merry Christmas, and it's nice to meet you.

    1. Nice to meet you too. It's one of those heartwarming movies.:) I used to like the surprise they gave the colonel.. and Bing in his army gear!

  3. Replies
    1. Funny the things you remember about your chidhood

  4. Those are charming Christmas memories! I hope you and your sister still sing that song!

    1. Well.. I know my sister certainly does :)

  5. Weird, I just watched White Christmas last night (and boy is that movie whit, truth in advertising).
    I remember getting carpeting as a child. It was absolutely a magical thing to behold. Then you realize static electricity and the magic continued.

    1. I need to write an ode to that new carpet smell... it's a bit like fresh paint, and newly laid tar for me... Yummy..I love it ! :)

  6. I don't think I've ever had that experience of getting new carpet installed :(

  7. I can imagine the sensual pleasure of rolling about on new, plush carpeting. It would beat out the snowman any time.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. My sister and I sang Sisters. When The Hurricane was old enough to join me, she took my sister's place. We always giggle when we sing it. Thanks for hopping with us.